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Check Out These Pictures of David Arquette All Liquored Up

A photo of David Arquette

Photos via D-Listed and Pop Sugar

I think a lot of people have moments in which they think “wow, I am so very glad that no one is documenting this moment in my life.” For example, if a friend had pulled out a camera that time a couple months ago when we visited the local wine store and I had a rather animated, drunken conversation with the owner about how he couldn’t really call himself a connoisseur if he didn’t sell Boone’s Farm, I’d probably be a little upset.  Sadly, David Arquette was in Scream, so he has no such luck.

These pictures were taken last night after David had a solid night of partying at an event thrown by Us magazine (and the night before, he had a pretty fun time at GQ‘s Men of the Year Awards.  There’s even a cute little story about how David was so serious about his boozing that he “climbed through a window to fetch a drink, cutting his distance to the bar by half”).  David was photographed grinding with some lady and then wandering the streets with his entourage.

I’m torn between being like “you keep on keepin’ on, David, I hope you’re having a good time with yourself” and being like “David, you’re a grown ass man with a wife and a kid, and I know you’re separated, but maybe pull it together.”  Your thoughts?