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David Arquette Heads to Rehab

photo of david arquette drunk pictures

In a completely surprising move of ‘not surprising,’ estranged husband of Courteney Cox-Arquette has packed his bagging, sagging ass up and dragged it to rehab, where it’s said that he’ll spend time for alcohol abuse and, according to his family, ‘other issues.’

A rep for Courteney released a statement claiming that she’s happy that David decided to give up the ghost and go for treatment:

“I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life. I love and support him.”

Great.  I think Courteney’s got something here:  I, too, think it’s great that little Davey’s gone and manned up to his inadequacies, but the papers and tabloids are talking about this story like it’s all surprising or something. The man hasn’t been sober in public since his marriage split months ago.  If that isn’t an indication of something bigger and worse than, you know, a mere ‘poor me’ bender, what is?

David definitely needs all the help he can get, and who knows, maybe – just maybe – those two crazy kids can work their marital problems out from scratch. I believe Courteney that a lot of their issues stemmed from problems with David’s general maturity level, but I also think that full-blown, rehab-caliber alcoholism isn’t diagnosed after just a few weeks of drinking.  It’s apparent that his issue has been a common theme in their marriage, and if it wasn’t worth working out for his marriage, he should at least try to take himself seriously and fix it for himself – and his kids. He’s got a couple of them, you know, in case he forgot in his most recent gin and juice-induced haze.

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