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Nicole Richie Got Married This Past Weekend, You Guys

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After four years and two children together, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (not, ha, John Madden, like my early-morning pre-coffee brain told me, though it probably would be a hell of a lot more interesting) have made it official.  The wedding and reception both were said to be a Hollywood affair for the books. Reverend Run DMC officiated the wedding, the legendary (ahem) Lionel Richie walked his daughter down the aisle, and guests arrived in droves – Samantha Ronson, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, just to name a few. Oh, I forgot the elephant. There was an elephant there, too.  And no, I’m not repeating myself – I know, I already said Khloe Kardashian, but you misunderstand me – I’m talking about a real elephant this time, not the proverbial one sitting in the corner.  Or even the real one that talks about smearing mayonnaise all over its vagina.

As heavily speculated upon over the past few days, Paris Hilton was not in attendance, but not for the reason that you might think, like Nicole just not wanting her ex-BFF there – the elephant hadn’t gotten its skank shots this year, and Nicole, Joel, and the elephant’s handlers didn’t want an outbreak of Dengue fever or radioactive anal herpes something during their nuptials.  Shit like that can really be a downer.

As for wedding pics, don’t expect to see the photos for at least another few days, though … Sources claim that Nicole is being super picky about price negotiation and is looking to milk the event for all it was worth – in order to, you know, repay her dad for the wedding, ’cause I’m sure her Harlow clothing line isn’t exactly going to foot whatever this huge bill is going to be.  Gotta do something with all that Say You, Say Me and All Night Long money, don’t you?

Check out photos of Nicole through the years in the gallery below!

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  • Sarah,
    I’m a fan of your site, but you’re a bit of a smart ass when it comes to Lionel Ritchie. You may not have been a fan of his music, but he was a prolific song writer in the 80’s long after he broke away from the Commodores. He wrote We are the World, which for it’s time was a pretty prolific song that won Album of the year when it was released. Additionally, he wrote for such artists as Kenny Rogers. You can hate on Nicole all you want, but Lionel is pretty fricken bad ass. A list of his songs can be seen here.

    He has won an Academy Award for that schmalzy song Say you Say me. So basically, don’t hate. Lionel kicks ass.

  • dude look at those tits !! they’re freakin saggy as shit!!! how can nobody be comenting about this???!! check.them.out.