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The Kardashians Talk About Their Vaginas on Conan

It’s funny how the Kardashians are so similar to the Three Little Pigs. Kim is, like, the one who built her house of bricks and stuff because she’s probably the best in interviews, almost like a veritable fortress of ‘good’ manners and poise, where Kourtney kind of waffles between being stable and flimsy and you just know she’s all about the sticks, and then you have Khloe, who is like the loud-mouthed, lazy little porker with no provisions, who just goads the Big Bad Wolf into wrecking shit to oblivion.

And when these gals start talking mayonnaise with Conan, it makes me think of bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches (which are gross, but I know people who eat them anyway), and then I get to thinking about the Three Little Pigs again. Amazing how the craziest things can be linked, guys, you know?

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  • It’s funny that you compare them to a story.

    The fact that I’m both gay and a nerd combines in all sorts of interesting ways that people do not often expect (I mean, picture a 23-year-old Sassy Gay Friend at a LAN party).

    Just this morning, I was imagining a battle between various superheroes and Khloe Kardashian. I’m convinced that that woman could throw cars with relative ease.

    • Khloe you are amazing I hope you pay no attention to idiots who say the stupid things they do you are my favorite i love all of you girls you give my day a little bit of excitement but you truly are the prettiest person Ive ever seen inside and out keep speeking your mind and never let them get you down!