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Jessica Biel, One of the World’s Most Beautiful Women, Proves Why She’s Where She Is

Jessica Biel, or who many refer to as the sourpuss that Justin Timberlake occasionally sleeps with and walks dogs with and occasionally lets into his circle of amazingness, is photographed for GQ China, and she looks every bit the gorgeous woman that a lot of people don’t peg her to be.

I’ve always loved Jess Biel. I never watched 7th Heaven or whatever other crappy TV series she starred in, but my first real experience with her ample hotness was in the reboot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I thought she was gorgeous since then. She’s pretty talented, and she does a whole lot of cool stuff like climbing mountains and donating to charities, so you know what? Biel’s good in my book. It’s a small book, but she’s definitely in there.

And I don’t care if Timberlake can’t see your fabulousness, Jess. Girl, you can come over my house anytime and discuss politics and wilderness expeditions over fat-free soy lattes anytime. I’ve got a really awesome machine that makes them, you know, and you’ve got my number. Give me a ring.

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  • I love her! I think she is really beautiful and she has done so many different things and I think it’s wonderful! I did actually watch 7th Heaven (who didn’t love Barry Watson?) but I rediscovered her in The Illusionist (freakin’ awesome movie!) and have loved her ever since. Good call, Sarah!

  • WHAT?! are you all blind?
    Jessica ‘bland’ Biel is the vanilla of the ‘celebs’ – i cant even remember the last thing she was in…i cant even remember her appearances when she’s been on the screen just 5 seconds prior.

    bland, boring and bleh – this photoshoot only proves what i knew all along: black and white photos can make ANYONE look hot.

    (wow, im such a hater :p)

  • She is a big Fake in anything she says in Magazines or on Television.She is not what she wants everyone to think about her.I live in Alabama and proud to be here.She made the remark that everyone in Al. has lived in a trailor or living in one.We are trailor Park Trash.Well she is Hollywood Trash,bottom of the list of great actresses.

  • Whether she’s talented or not, meh – don’t care. I liked her in A-Team. HOWEVER – she is phenomenally beautiful. Especially recently. Stunningly gorgeous, and not a sack of saline and silicone like most of her contenders. She gets an A for Awesome…. and a B for Beautiful.