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Jessica Biel Regrets Posing Nude

Oh, Jess. Thank goodness you brought this up. I’d almost forgotten that you posed nude for Gear magazine a long, long time ago, to get your ass out of your Seventh Heaven contract. Jess told Entertainment Weekly, in a new interview, that she regrets the shoot, done when she was only 17 years old.

“That photo shoot was just a really bad decision on my part and I got myself involved with people who weren’t thinking about me and were instead thinking about what kind of a story they could get out of it,” she said. “I learned a whole lot from the experience, so it was definitely a blessing in disguise.”

Um, Jessica?

And all the rest of young Hollywood?

Rule of thumb: The people telling you to pose nude? Are never thinking about your best interests.

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  • “learned a whole lot”???

    What exactly did you learn??? … That you shouldn’t reply to ads on Craigslist that say “Need nude models for the filming of Titanic II: The Duct-taped sequel… Now holding auditions in my studio apartment!”

    Stupid hoe…

    • she’s sexy but….the picture is too ugly :S anyway…she’s a good actress BUT NOT LIKE A TIM ROTH,BRUCE WILLIS,AL PACINO AND OTHER ACTORS!

  • re; beet

    well then, based on your rule of thumb i guess that means that when i posed nude for ‘tractor boy monthly’ that my great uncle charlie wasn’t thinking in my best interest? now that you mention it, i never did get to milk the cows like he promised!!! shit.

  • Yeah um…maybe what she meant to say was, “I regret posing nude looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame taking a whiz in someone’s sink in Granny panties.”

    See, I would totally reget that too.

  • liberty, i think her face is really pretty, it’s just the way she was posing plus the angle of the camera that makes her body look a little weird

  • this picture is pretty ugly, but her face is so pretty it makes me want to puke! and, let’s face it, she does have a rockin bod.

  • Uhg when is there going to be a celebrity who says “Yeah I posed nude, who gives a fuck”
    I don’t know why people get so up in arms about it if it was porn I could understand but there is a big difference between artistic nudes and porn

  • “a really bad decision”?

    Wasn’t it so that she could get out of a multi year, relatively low pay contract on a fifth rate network and make millions of dollars per film while she was still young and pretty?

    Yeah, real bad decision. I’m sure she regrets it every day.

    I call bullshit.

  • Whoa! Extreme concave pose! Jess, you chose the wrong career to follow, you should have been a couture fashion model!
    I saw the other pictures as well and they don’t look that bad for a nude pictorial. Other “famous” girls hit it really hard, Jess is rather beautiful. Look at that face!

  • um, i remember the hubbub around that photo shoot… ran out to buy the mag when it came out (ok, that was really because there was a tim roth article in the issue, not for jess) and i remember distinctly that her father was there on the set with her. so is she accusing daddy dearest of not having her back too???

  • so what? we saw you kind of nude…i am so tired of people being so hung up on nudity. get over it! its really nothing.

  • EWWWWWWW!!!!!!! she SHOULD b srry 4 posin like that!!!!!!! who was she tryin 2 impress?!? but any way, it was a terrible attempt @ tryin 2 get more attention, obviously. But THIS cock went 2 far!!!!!!! looks like SOMEONE needs a theripist!!!!!!!

  • I totally agree with gia… Nudity is so over exaguarated… if people stopped caring about trying to make nudity be a bad thing then people wouldn’t care so much about seeing a tit or anything else

  • Beautiful face, beautiful body, bad pose, wrong age (not that she looks like your average seventeen year old). I don’t get offended by nudity. I certainly won’t shit on someone for posing nude or even doing porn for that matter. The ones that are “offended” are just threatend by the sexual competition. I find it sad that people out there use their pseudo moral bull-shit or otherwise just plain bull-shit in order to discredit, put doubt upon another’s character, decision making ability, or intellectual capacity just because they can’t deal with their envious feelings. Then they somehow try to make it seem like the other person is the problem. Who cares that Biel posed nude? Who cares why Biel chose to pose nude? Does it bother anyone enough to lead them to say or believe nasty things about the woman? Obiously, the problem doesn’t lie with Biel…I couldn’t help but laugh at the comments posted by Lee and Jessica Wabbit though.