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I Think If This Wasn’t Ke$ha, I Wouldn’t Have Thrown Up in My Mouth, So Therefore I am Convinced That This Picture is Legit

And if you’ve seen the uncensored version, you’ll know that there’s a, uh, “questionable” puddle sitting smack dab in the middle of where that lovely yellow oval happens to rest.

I couldn’t even imagine sleeping with her, and not, you know, because I’m straight. Because I’d imagine she smells like a wet new perm, dirty pennies, and Mountain Dew. Attractive. Appealing. Oh-so-hawt.

Pull your damned shirt down, Ke$ha, and lay off the hard drugs.

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  • Normally, I would have an “Ew” reaction to shit like this. But – Lord help me – I kinda like Ke$hal and her desperate attempts to stay relevant. Get your swerve on, girl.

  • I don’t get what the big deal is? She took a load on the chest but doesn’t every sexually active hetero female take one somewhere?

    I would have preferred that she looked me in the eyes as she gulped it down but that’s just how I like it. It is much better to embrace it than to be one of those people that are so uncomfortable with bodily fluids that they freak out.

    • She’s a whore.
      That’s her difference between respectable women.
      You haven’t heard her songs really, have you?
      Of course every woman has sex eventually, but not every woman acts like a druggie+alcoholic, and it’s not necessary to yell to the whole world how much you like sex all of the time!

  • This chick annoys the crap out of me.
    That being said, I’m not disturbed by the existence of this picture as much as I am by the idiotic name of the guy who took it (dj stolen?! REALLY?!!?) and the fact that either he or she decided to distribute this to an innocent public who are now forced to see it on every single website they go to. Jeebus, save my eyes and scrub my brain clean with your precious holy Comet of forget-yness….

  • “wet, new perm, dirty pennies and mountain dew”

    damn girl! that is some awesome writing (and you nailed it).

  • Cuuuummm Dumpster!!!!

    Pass the brain bleach please.. Or a fork.. I would gladly stab myself in the cornea’s if it means never having to see this again. Ugh…

  • Actually, what’s under that spot is a tat that reads: “I case of rape turn this side up.”

  • all girls take loads on the chest, or face, or mouth….
    tik tok, she likes the cock… big deal?

    • ll thewers for this website have the exact same picture of themselves, so it’s funny to see them clutch their pearls (hahaha) over this. This is why I’m not friends with women; it’s alright to bash chicks over things like this, but they all know they a) have done the same and the pictures just haven’t leaked, or b) they wish it were them.

      I can pretty much bet, except for the one who somehow managed to get a guy to marry her, all the writers on this website haven’t been laid in forever and are just jealous Ke$ha got some.

  • Is.. This is Ke$ha? I don’t know what to say.Yes,she is totally crazy but..this picture isn’t so.. Crazy.Anyway.. It’s her life.

  • You’re such a hypocrite: you would so post a picture like this if Robert Pattinson ejaculated on your chest. The only mistake Ke$ha made was letting her face into the pic. Pffft, amateur.

  • She is obviously naked, some guy just came on her chest and is taking a picture of it and she covers her tits? Meh. Not such a “bad girl” after all.

  • That’s a weak photo. I would say leave the poor girl alone……ans I am not a fan of hers. She’s just silly

  • Obviously she is under influence. NOt sure she is even aware of the pic bein taken. Is this legal btw? I mean to take compromising pics of someone under influence (in a not public but private place) and then publish it without any permission of the person must not be legal.

  • you people leave ke$a alone its her life and her choose to do it so stop talking cause you might of been like that k stop talking like that to her f***ing people

  • Ke$ha f’n rocks!!!

    picture doesn’t bother me everyone has sex and drinks and because she is famous ppl like to get on her about it.