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Ke$ha is Sort of Fug, I Guess. I Mean, I Don’t Really Know. Probably ‘Cause She Looks Like My Great-Aunt Matilda in These Pics, But I Love Aunt Mattie, So I Think I’m Torn.

I’m not what you’d call a Ke$ha fan and it’s not just because I have a goddamned hard time typing ‘$’ instead of ‘s’ when I write about her.

She’s mean to little kids and mentally ill pop stars people and can’t go anywhere without trying to rip off Lady Gaga’s style. She doesn’t even really matter all that much to me, but just kinda irks me by association, I guess.

Anyway, Ke$ha is caught frolicking on Bondi Beach in New South Wales looking like she’s trying to cover up a nasty Cesarean scar or something and totally kind of looks like that weird old aunt that always smells like cough drops and rubs your knee way too much.

For a self-proclaimed “poor girl” who’s reaping her deserved rewards, I can tell you where she didn’t get those fab boobs: the plastic surgeon. It’s obvious where the extra, transplanted oomph came from … just ask her ass.

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  • Not getting the whole “caesarean section” comment…her body’s pretty hot, actually…but weren’t we all at that age..

    • I think Sarah just means that it looks like she’s trying to hide something in that big old bathing suit and it with her figure, it shouldn’t be hidden.

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  • I hate that when we see a normal looking women in a bikini we automatically infer that she is “big” or bigger than normal. She looks great

  • She could have picked a more flattering suit. That does absolutely nothing for her. Her tush looks terrible.

  • mentally ill pop stars people? God damn it why are you always referring to Britney? Leave her alone for fuck sakes.

    Anyway, she looks ok from the front but the face and the ass……

  • I don’t know about her being mean to little kids, but I do know you’re mean to adults. She looks happy.

  • What’s wrong with her bathing suit? A lot of girls wear those now days. Sure it’s not super flattering to her ass but then she’s the only one who has to wear it. Let’s see a picture of YOU in a bikini before you start criticizing others.

  • I think she could have chosen a better bikini to show off her body. She doesn’t have many curves besides her boobs and she needs to get a suit that gives the illusion of curves, not one who makes her look like a tree. Also, its good to be able to see her without a shit ton of makeup on. She has a cute face.

  • Why is it such a big deal about her wearing a more flattering suit? She obviously feels comfortable in that. Personally, I think she looks great. I mean not all “celebs” have to look amazing ALL the time ..of course I guess that’s what you are expecting.

    P.S. Lay of the G-Damns….

  • I don’t see any fat and the ass pic may just be unflattering when in reality it looks good -.-

  • While I am not a Kesha fan, the tone of this post makes me re-think coming to evilbeet. This reads like a judgmental and catty Perez Hilton piece of excrement.

  • Seriously? A whole post saying a girl nobody cares about looks fat in a bathing suit, when she actually looks fine? Like, if you saw her on the beach and didn’t know who she was, you wouldn’t give it a second thought. Or you’d actually think she looks really good. This post sucks.

    • I don’t think anyone said she looked fat. Contrary to that, she’s got a scrawny fifty-five year old woman ass . I think that was the point of the post.

  • I’m not that fussed about her, but I think she looks lovely here. Better than I do when I go in the sea – within 3 minutes I end up choking on salt water and then end up with a very attractive red face, sputtering, swearing and flailing about because I think THIS time I’m actually going to die.
    At least she looks happy.

  • She looks cute. Just a fun girl who likes to sing at concerts and have a good time on the beach. I’d want to hang out with her.

  • Well Sarah, your topic of discussion was lame. You really have to pick some better topics and as you see, Evil Beet readers are calling you out on it.

    You’re picking on a ‘normal-sized’ gal because she isn’t in some micro mini bikini? Are you for real? Not everyone is comfortable wearing dental floss and coconuts while frolicking on the beach. You’re making snide comments about her boobs because they’re normal and as normal boobs they sometimes droop. Utterly ridiculous.

    Not a great start Sarah.

  • haha yeah, I know the bottom line for you people is that readers are still coming back… but I wonder if you’ve ever realized that we started coming here because we actually liked Beet and we stay because Sarah’s like a trainwreck.

    If you’re fine with making money off of people’s amazement at how shitty you are, good for you, but I certainly hope you’re not kidding yourself about anyone liking your bullshit writing.

  • Oh and I forgot to mention — what the fuck are you doing writing a post criticizing a woman for covering her body and poking fun at unfortunate realities of many pregnancies (scarring) and then turning around and purporting to be a feminist? You fucking suck so hard Sarah. I just want you to recognize that shit like this counters your supposed principles, because you’re obviously too dumb to realize it.

  • gawd, i wish gossip blogs would lay off these women in the spotlight that have normal bodies.
    God forbid anyone snap unflattering pics of us enjoying the beach, because most of the time they would look just like this (probably worse). I guess she should not hit the beach again until she gets butt implants, then we can make fun of her for such a shallow and insecure based procedure.

    Women, we can’t have it both ways. We can’t tear apart beautiful, healthy confident women and then hate on the ones who look like starving plastic bobble heads. Hopefully girls like Kesha will withstand the hate, confidence intact and not turn into another Heidi for us make fun of.

    I just got back from the beach and Kesha looks far better than just about everyone I saw. And her boobs are great, wish i had a pair like that.

  • you all need to get a life. it dosent matter what she has on, if she wasnt a pop star you would not give a dam,