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Haters To The Left: The Eclipse Soundtrack Will Be Good

Twilight feels completely pointless to me, but both the original movie and New Moon had pretty good soundtracks. It looks like it will be the same story for Eclipse, too.

Florence and the Machine, an awesome band that doesn’t get enough attention, have just released this song that they recorded for the film, “Heavy in Your Arms”. Per usual, the song is amazing and I can completely see how it would compliment the mood of the flick.

If you like this song, you might also want to check out this track, which is my favorite of theirs.

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  • I’m excited to see some flo’ lovin on the evil beet! Love her and she is so amazing live. I would like to steal pretty much her entire wardrobe. That is all.

  • Doesn’t get enough attention??!! They are number one in the UK, appear at all major festivals and have won loads of awards… get your facts straight!

      • You sods don’t understand the English language. Molls was just expressing her opinion that the group does not get enough recognition. I’m sure that there are some people who don’t think that Lady Gaga gets enough attention.

        BTW, what happens in the “UK” as you fog breathers call it, equals zero in the developed world.

        God, I bet both of you are “educators.”

      • “I’m sure that there are some people who don’t think that Lady Gaga gets enough attention.”

        God, what a maroon.

  • If it was recorded specifically for the film, I wonder if it will get submitted to the Academy come Oscar season. Hmm…

  • Boooooourns, Twilight is so lame but Florence is so many, many levels of fabulous.
    I’m conflicted.
    But I’m also a bit super happy that the song for the soundtrack didn’t end up being Howl which I totally thought it would be.

  • God I’ve been in love with Florence + The Machine for the past year now. Howl is deffo my favorite although this one sounds like it could surpass it. Wish they’d do a tour here!
    However much I do detest the Twilight fandom (even if I did like the books before they became ridiculous and movies and Kristin Stewart trying to pull off emotions) the music HAS been awesome. I wonder what kind of angry music they’ll try for the “birth” in movie 4.
    …I’m leaning towards Linkin Park.

  • The soundtrack leaked and YES it is amazing. Hate the movies, love the music. The Florence song is one of my favs.

  • chopshop does know how to make a good soundtrack, that is for sure. im pretty sure they stole my ipod when they made the eclipse soundtrack. it has basically every band ive been obsessed with for the last year on it.

  • Just saw Florence live in Seattle and she was amazing! Love the ‘You’ve Got The Love’ remix with Dizzee Rascal too.

    • as a Seattlite, the fact that I missed this has me slapping my head. very envious.

      and I, too, agree that Twilight is god awful, but the soundtracks are pretty incredible. (or, at least, a lot of the artists are). Florence + the Machine is a current favorite of mine, and I’m loving this song. However, I still prefer Cosmic Love, the Dog Days are Over (currently being wasted on the terrible-looking “Eat, Pray, Love.”), and Kiss w/ a Fist.

  • “Twilight feels completely pointless to me” but Kathy Griffin’s ugly stupid ass gets you wet?

  • I concur, twilight sucks, flo is awesome blah blah…It’s NOT COOL. kiss with a fist and girl with one eye (there’s this one live version that I lovee) are my fave. Has anyone ever heard the original of GWOE?

  • am i the only one who is a little turned off by that florence and the machine song where it sounds like she’s promoting or atleast making light of domestic violence?

    • I’m actually not turned off, though I was surprised by it when I first heard it. (Although, that surprise might be because, just plain melodically, “Kiss With A Fist” is pretty different from the rest of the album.)

      I think the verse that goes…

      My black eye casts no shadow
      Your red eye sees no pain
      Your slaps don’t stick
      Your kicks don’t hit
      So we remain the same
      Blood sticks and
      Sweat drips
      Break the lock if it don’t fit

      …speaks more to how the song really is not about domestic violence at all. Now, this is just one gal’s interpretation of the song and God only knows what Florence is really trying to get across, but I think “Kiss With A Fist” is just about two people who love each other in a very passionate but destructive way. She does talk about literal violence but she’ll end a verse that began with “I hit you once, you hit me back” which could be interpreted as “Whoa, this lady got beat? Ummm…should I be calling someone?” with “then I set fire to our bed” which I’m sure no one actually thinks is happening.

      Anyway, I’m not trying to start a sensitive topic. And I’m certainly not trying to defend domestic violence but I just thought I’d share my interpretation of what I think is a genuinely dope song.

  • Got my copy of the deluxe album yesterday and love it. Just feel that Florence really should have not sung candi staton’s you’ve got the love. Is it just me or does she sound drunk and slurred singing it!!!!!!!