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Kathy Griffin Was Funny on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show Last Night

Kathy Griffin has gone from being considered one of the most annoying, unsuccessful people in Hollywood to one of the most mildly-annoying but wildly successful people in Hollywood. I have to admit, even in the moments where I can’t stand her, I am always tuning into her show My Life on The D-List. There’s something about that lady! She sticks to her bit and she makes it work for her. Even if you don’t think she’s funny, you have to respect her business model, you know?

Her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was as funny as ever last night. You can watch all three clips here, but in the clip above, listen to Kathy’s theory on how to win any Twitter war in an instant using that “fierce bitch” Justin Bieber’s loyal fans.

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  • “Even if you don’t think she’s funny, you have to respect her business model, you know?” Uh, no I don’t tool bag.

    She is stupid. she isn’t funny. she is ugly as sin.

    She knows she is dog ass ugly so what does she do? She tries to make her personality uglier than her looks to draw attention away from the fact that she looks like an ugly man. All she has succeeded in doing is turning herself into a totally fucking ugly piece of stinking rotting flesh.

    Just try to imagine her pussy odor! Ahhhhhhh…..

      • i’ve been on a drinking binge, i’m off my meds, and i have always been irritated by morons. i’m sure i’ll be better after my intervention. pray for me ;)

  • dammit, she had some zingers in there. but you know what, she’s not funny because she KNOWS she’s funny.

  • I love, love Kathy Griffin. Her attitude towards celebrities is right on and very funny.

  • I had a music teacher like her in high school. That made for hilarious band practices.