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Elin Nordegren Pulls the Plug on Her Marriage to Tiger Woods

And not a moment too soon, as far as I’m concerned.

Things seemed kind of suspect when the Sweden-born Nordegren moved back to her roots and took the couple’s children with them, but hey. Couples take extended vacations, uh, apart and with their children all of the time, right? Then Tiger pulls out of the Playas Player’s Championship citing a herniated disk in his neck. I thought the retraction from the Championship was definitely a little off, and now I think I know why.

Sources close to the couple confirm that Tiger and Elin are, indeed, splitting — for real and for good this time. The source claims that although the couple tried to reconcile, shit’s just not happening:

“She tried to put things back together … She went to therapy with Tiger. She gave it a shot moving forward.”

But because she just couldn’t put the past behind her (and I don’t blame you one fucking bit, girl), she started her life anew. The insider claims that the two are on cordial speaking terms, but there’s no chance in sight for reconciliation or keepin’ it together for the kids.

While Elin currently visits Sweden with her children, the insider maintains that Elin does want Tiger to “co-parent” their children, which probably means that he’ll get some kind of visitation rights. At some point. Who knows.

Sucks to be you, Tiger. But hey … you lay down with whores dogs, you get STDs fleas and then fucking no one wants your shit.

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  • “retraction from the Championship” WTF!

    retraction? You are such an idiot. Had a sleep over with molls perhaps?
    Still have a bit of a buzz?

    • 1 : an act of recanting; specifically : a statement made by one retracting
      2 : an act of retracting : the state of being retracted
      3 : the ability to retract

      tiger obviously made his statement and RETRACTED from the tournament. makes sense if youre not a crazy stalker asshole.

      • He WITHDREW from the tournament.

        What you posted has nothing to do with someone saying “I’m leaving the tournament”. A retraction has to do with having made a previous statement that was false and you “retract” that statement….. the definition you posted doesn’t support your retarded belief anyways……….fuck it…..why did I bother?

        Your a liberal aren’t you? Smoke dope? Play X-Box all fucking day? Didn’t graduate high school? Have a lava lamp collection?

      • You know what Anon? Your usage of the word is correct.

        I just retracted my cock from your mothers ass, and then my sperm retracted themselves from my cock into your mothers gullet, and then she swallowed, thus retracting them from her uvula.

        I like your usage so much better, and so does your mother!

  • First she finds out he cheats and their friends and aquaintances helped.. her friends too? Then it’s wall to wall ho bodies, drugs, abuse and freaky perv stuff he likes and he’s touching her and giving the loving face and lying for years. Dump him and pray you escaped disease and murder from some of the freaky world of filthy corrupt things he touched and slept with.

  • It’s unfortunate that Tiger and Elin had to let a mere 15 or so other women (including the neighbor’s daughter) come between them. But a divorce may ultimately be the best thing for them and their kids.

  • Guess she’s going to be the world’s richest ex-nanny… half a billion for having kids and uhh, did she do anything else?

  • She deserves every penny if he did everything that has been printed about him. Hopefully he will stay single since he has no respect for marriage or his wife.

  • I think this is going to be a quick uncontested divorce for the benefit of all parties involved, but mostly Tiger, due to the overwhelming evidence available against him. All the details will be spelled out from custody to money matters. Tiger should consider himself very lucky if he gets share custody because no responsible Court on this land will overlook Tiger Woods serious emotional and character issues, before granting parental custody on this case. The court basically looks for what is to be in the best interest of the children. Among the things considered are which parent is best suited and capable to meet the day to day needs of the children, provide a stable home, love, a nurturing environment and emotional wellbeing. It seems to me that Elin Nordegren has been a loving, caring mother to her children. She has being there for her children all along, while Tiger was running around with every W-H-O-R-E, in and out of town. To me Tiger has been more of an absentee or part- time father. I also think that Elin has been in favor of sharing the children’s custody with Tiger providing he keeps clean from addictions and continues rehab.

  • In my country, we stone whores to death in public so can’t steal any more stupid women’s cheating husbands. We do this to keep the gene pool clean and society pure.

  • seriously beet, do you monitor any of these comments? what a joke this site has become!

  • Elin is just another fucking slut who only married the poor schmuck for money and ran once she got all the bucks, leaving him high and dry.

  • I have to agree with Canadian North – the vibe around here is seriously negative. It’s like we need a ‘comments’ link, and an ‘insane shit’ link.

    • If you don’t like it, then you are free to leave. Seriously, why come here and bitch? Besides, censorship is never the answer. And I LIKE negativity, it’s certainly preferable to fake-ass phonies lovingly tounging celebtard balls like on so many sites. These people are useless and anyone who calls them out on it is cool in my book. There are plenty of circle-jerking “positive” sites, please go there instead of trying to turn this one into another boring assed piece of crap.

  • I don’t think we were referring to the stories. More the horrible comments. There’s a huge difference between wit, and clever comments and plain negativity and weak attempts to shock. Frankly some of the comments here now border on racist and pathetic. I thought that Beet had rules around posting of comments. And yes, I can go read other sites. But if you are going to talk about free speech and censorship, then you should also agree that I have the right to say what I think too.

  • Fuck Elin Nordegren. So what if he cheated on her… it happens every day around the world, im not saying its right but because its in the public eye you have al the high and mighty lesbian feminists sayin “oh take every penny… to right girl take everything you can get” FUCK THAT SHIT she should get payed some money but not 300 million. she would have never made any amount even close to this amount and as for her modeling career, dont get me wrong i would fuck her box up but she would have been lucky to make 10 million. tiger woods gave her more in a week then shes ever gotten. sucks that he cheated on her but lets be honest…. if you were a world golfing superstar and you were all over the world you would fuk other hoes because thats all woman are cum containers