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Colin Farrell’s Got a Job!

Remember 1985’s Fright Night with Chris Sarandon and the annoying-assed neighbor from Married With Children? The chick that played “Marcy.” … Amanda Bearse, right. Well, it looks like even the most obscure of horror movies don’t escape the curse of the Hollywood remake; reps for Colin Farrell have confirmed that he’ll be starring in the reboot, filling the place of the vampire’s shoes, originally played by Sarandon.

Congrats, Colin!

I mean, it’s no Phone Booth or anything, but hey. Fright Night. Everybody’s into the remakes these days. Good on you.

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  • “Colin Farrell’s Got a Job”.

    As what? Spokes person for “Lucky Charms”. That guy should open an Irish “Gay Pub”.

  • No way dude. Chris Sarandon was SO SEXY as the vampire neighbor… better than any twilight twerp. And better than the Farrell, for that matter. Remember the part when he hypnotizes Marcy? ROAR