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Rihanna Says, “The Show Will Go On!”

In light of the recent rib injury that Rihanna suffered … that I didn’t even hear about — she’s spoken out to her UK fans, telling them that she has no intention of cancelling shows because of the minor problem.

Reps for Rihanna confirm that the singer did, indeed, suffer a rib injury during a recent tour stop in Switzerland, but she’s recovering nicely and will not deviate from her jam-packed tour schedule. Rihanna spoke to the London-based Evening Standard newspaper regarding her injury:

“Eventually, I had to have it checked out. My ribs are still hurting, but I will be raring to go by London … I’ve had a few injuries, and one thing made another worse.”

Well, good on her. Unless, you know, her injury entailed being, like, pinched on her side by a fan or something, rib injuries are no fucking joke. I had a bruised rib once and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I’d rather go through childbirth twice over than have any rib-damage. On the real.

Congrats to Rihanna for not succumbing to the minor ailments that other touring performers sometimes do. You’ve proved it before and this only perpetuates the idea — you’re one strong lady!

Speedy recoveries, girl!

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  • Apparently Rihanna’s tour sales are not very good. I would have imagined that her management would have used the injury as an excuse to cut back on her tour. I would have also imagined that they would never have allowed her to tour in the first place. Shows what I know about the music business. I think that she is a cute girl but she definitely cannot sing, and pairing her up with Ke$ha- I don’t even think it should be called a concert.

    • I would have imagined you’d be swinging from the end of an electric cord in a closet somewhere by now.

  • Seriously, you didn’t already know about the injury? And then when she fell on stage two nights later? Don’t see how a gossip blogger would miss that.

  • I have a cracked rib at the moment. It is honestly one of the worst things ever. There is nothing you can do to make it better other than ‘rest’.

  • The toy music performed by joke novelty “artists” like Rihanna and Kesha doesn’t translate well to live performances. Only the truly stupid would drop $100+ on a ticket to watch some girl change outfits twenty times while pretending to sing.