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In Other News …

Pamela Anderson’s working on some kind of cumback comeback, Victoria’s Secret models dish on everything and Gabourey Sidibe is being stalked, yo. [Betty Confidential]

Holy titties, Holly Madison! [Celebslam]

Lisa Kudrow gives the best advice possible. For her situation, I mean. [popbytes]

Ha ha ha … Guess who’s stalking your ass on Facebook? [Pajiba]

Britney’s been harnessed. [Celebitchy]

Bristol Palin’s PSA: cheap shot or valid point? [Zelda Lily]

Yeah, let’s give Russell Crowe swords to play with. In public. [Litely Salted]

Jessica Alba can’t cook. [Allie is Wired]

Chelsea Handler, porn star? [Amy Grindhouse]

Wow, Jake Gyllenhaal. Wow. Are you seeing this, Reese Witherspoon? [omg blog]

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