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Brooke Hogan Would Be So Hot If It Was 1996

You know, you gotta love Brooke Hogan. Between her hair, her clothes, her body and her attitude, it’s like this woman lives in some sort of suspended-time situation. Between the Pamela Anderson boobs, the Anna Nicole toward-the-end-of-her-life hair and her father’s body, it’s like Brooke is unaware that it’s currently 2010 and people are looking more like this and less like this. Yup, we should love Brooke Hogan, if not for the fact that she seems dumb in that sweet-as-pie way, but because she’ll be clutching those baby tees and extra low-rise jeans in her cold, dead fingers. I love anyone with that level of commitment.

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  • I don’t know if that’s your “witty” sarcasm in this story, but if you’re for real then you’re clearly retarded. The girl is wearing a white tee shirt with jeans, get the hell over it, its a relaxed look.

    • I agree Kit-Kat.

      molls you are a major fucking retard. I swear, you must get some photo and irregardless of anything fucking factual you just run your fucking mouth, come up with some bullshit story, and hit fucking enter on your keyboard.
      We all know how fucking stupid and lazy your blazed ass is, i.e., the Joni Mitchell debacle a few days ago.

      Make a fucking effort will ya. You seem to be in such a rush to get back to your bong you will say anything. God I fucking hate you! You are a dumb ass worthless fucking piece of shit!

      • I thank you both Kit-Kat and the Good Lord commenter. I can’t stand Molls writing. Everything is negative and her sad attempts at sarcasm and wit fall flat. And how many times have I seen multiple posts on the same thing? On several occasions she posted something that another writer had already posted, and it was right after that writer had posted it! Seriously Molls, you need to go the fuck away because I can’t stand your writing. And what the fuck happened to Beet? I think she just gave up on this site and what it used to be. Obviously since she hired Molls to fuck everything up.

      • Good Lord honestly scares me a little bit. Like he/she is a serial killer in real life.

        I kind of agree with Molls but I don’t think this outfit is a very good example.

      • Lame is spot on. Canadians are America’s Down Syndrome cousins and Kit-Kat’s comments confirm my assessment.

        Good Lord, get a fucking dictionary and leave Molls the fuck alone. (“irregardless,” good lord)

        E=MC shit for brains

  • You guys are so harsh… Even if yes, we all know that Beet was a better writer and funnier to read, it looks like she stopped working here. Yes it’s sad but get over it or stop visiting this site!!
    This post was not too bad and I agree that Brooke Hogan’s style is really 1995.
    I have nothing against white tees and jeans but the mix she is wearing IS 1990.
    Now please, don’t start saying that I don’t know how to write, my original language is french and I realise I sound like a retard right now. sorry!!

    • Don’t worry emmxa, you have a much better command of the english language than a lot of people who comment on this site!

  • Molls and whoever thinks jeans and a white t-shirt is from a particular decadie is off base. Jeans and white t-shirt dates back to every decade! Also, I agree with those of you who don’t like Molls writing or her writing attitude. Super negative without being funny, horrible spelling and it’s as if she writes something about a pic or event just to make a deadline. This used to be a great site when Evil Beet wrote more, but things change.

    • Were you alive in 1990? Jennifer Aniston was wearing necklaces like that on Friends somewhere around ’94.

      Maybe the white baby-tee and ultra light denim are timeless classics in po’dunk towns but you’re wrong if you don’t think her choice screams ‘two decades ago’

    • Harassment is an easy way to force people into spending the majority of earnings on unnecessary shit every season.

  • Personally I could give a shit about her boobs, t-shirt, and blue jeans…

    I can’t see past that fucking butt chin of hers.

  • As a fellow Floridian- I have to side w/ Brooke here. We either wear bathing suits, shorts, or jeans w/ a tee. It’s not like she’s walking the red carpet here. She’s clearly running errands or something simple in HOT ass weather. Just sayin she is wearing the same casual clothes I see everyone else in Florida wearing.

  • She’s wearing blue jeans & a white tee….. I don’t get the snark here, Molls, and I’m usually on your side. I wouldn’t mind having those big boobs and flat belly……yeah, girl needs a serious conditioning treatment and all……but c’mon overall this looks is hardly sinful.

  • Who cares about her clothes – my main concern is that people actually think it’s okay to bandy about the term “retard.” Grow the flip up.