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Meet Your New Evil Beet Writer!

First off — thank you to everyone who applied for the weekend writer position. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the applicants, as I always am when I put out a request for writers here on Evil Beet. We easily have the highest average readership IQ of any gossip blog out there (for what that’s worth, I suppose). You guys rock so hard.

That said, I’m excited to introduce our new writer, Emily Trainham. I’ll give her a chance to fully introduce herself when she starts tomorrow morning, but for now rest assured that her grammar is impeccable. OKAY??

If you absolutely MUST get to know Emily before then (I recommend it — she’s pretty damn awesome), you can follow her on Twitter here.

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  • This is like naming the new captain of the Titanic as it’s sinking. The day Beet moved on from the daily writing on EvilBeet was the day it headed straight for the iceberg. Here’s a lifevest, Emily.

      • I think it’s a case of morbid curiosity – like rubber necking a fatal car crash, which is somewhat akin to watching the slow demise of this once decent gossip blog. Beet should take a leaf out of Michael K’s book over at D-Listed – always entertaining to read and a one-man show. Too many cooks are spoiling the broth over here, resulting in no consistency and poor quality. Spreading herself to thin, I think.

        Now I’m fucking off – I think you should, too, and before you say “good riddance” I say “you’re very welcome and have a nice weekend”

      • Hey, Em. Welcome to the Internet hate machine. I think you’ll find that the posts on this site are pretty lame. The usual grammar Nazis, trolls and attention whore are mostly chicks so they flame with a Bic.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        The above thing IS the BIGGEST ATTENTION WHORE here. Boot it, please, Sasha. Does EB really have to be a place that encourages that particular brand of misery and disqust? It must have gotten the boot at Perez….or maybe it is Perez!!!

        I’m calling for a protest to boot the douche. Who’s with me?

    • I know it’s very important to you guys that I write celebrity gossip every day of my life forever and ever and ever. I have things that are important to me, too. Let’s agree to disagree here.

      Way to welcome the new girl. Sheesh.

      • I completely understand your desire to move on and I don’t think any sane person would expect you to do nothing but write gossip every day. However, I’d be willing to gamble that most of the haters became fans of this site because of your voice (I know I did), which is unique and funny. Now that you’re hardly posting, people that are longtime fans are feeling kind of cheated.

      • Beet
        I know you’re just a young whipper-snapper who hasn’t really grasped what constitutes making a profitable business, which, I assume, is what you are trying to do and probably have already achieved. However, you should try to figure out what your business priorities are, and they key one is to keep your existing “customers” happy. Your trial and error approach with the myriad writers you’ve had over the last few years is an example of your inconsistency and demonstrates your faltering steps. You don’t need to write celeb gossip every day – your writing isn’t that great anyway, compared to others. All you need to do is stick with a consistent format and go with it. I doubt you have the courage of your convictions.

        OK, so I’ll fuck off now and, like I said to the other guy, before you say “good riddance” I say “you’re very welcome and have a nice weekend.”

  • Welcome, Emily.

    You may need a thick skin or better yet, just don’t read any comments to your first 1200 posts. The nutters tend to lighten up eventually.

    However, you may notice really useless comments that are obviously immature and often downright hateful, not necessarily directed towards you. If those “posters” begin to derail your enjoyment of reading this blog yourself, maybe you can talk Beet into deleting them.

    Or not. Good luck and don’t let anyone stifle your voice. And have a blast!

      • This is the kinda thing you need to stop doing….telling people to committ suicide. You never know what people are going through and those comments in addition to ALL you’re other comments are offensive and ridiculous. Don’t you have an adult daughter who had to seek professional help for depression? It’s really no wonder with you as an alleged parent. You’ve seen how much pain she can be in and your foul remarks here cross the line no matter what your intent.

        You never comment about any of the posts here you are only hoping for an antagnostic encounter with anyone. Enough is enough. Change your ways or leave. I will get you booted if you continue. Anyone who feels the same, I encourage you to email Sasha, EB’s creator and managing editor regarding this issue. her addy can be found to your right.

  • “rest assured that her grammar is impeccable.”

    Beet you are so fucking anal about grammar. Who gives a fuck about grammar? Only you. Your writers are suppose to say something interesting and witty about whats happening in Hollywood. I don’t come here for spelling lessons. I hate whoever it was in your family who turned you into such an obsessed grammar freak. It will be your downfall, trust me. You think you can start a site, and have people like you and your wit (which I do) and when things get going good you fucking bale out. FUCK YOU,…OK?
    You may be witty and clever, but as a whole, you are just another giggly, stupid, childish, dumb ass.

    • Have you read any of the comments on this site, do you know how many people bitch about grammar? I dont think she is the one being a freak I think she is trying to appease the crazy grammar nazis who harass the writers for forgetting an ‘ or an o. So take your meds and chill the fuck out there buddy.

  • Welcome Emily ! I don’t really understand all the people complaining about the writers here… I personally can’t wait to read your articles. Your Twitter is hilarious for what I’ve just seen.

  • Welcome, Emily. We will complain when you don’t post enough, bitch about your grammar, spell check your stuff, and fight amongst ourselves. Beet gets that, and addressed it in her intro to you.

    I think part of this site’s allure is that we view ourselves as the “smart” gossip followers. Our comments don’t get lost in a series of “first”s! like some others who shall remain nameless. We have a voice here-get used to our crankiness. Hope you like it.

  • Emily, did you just take a pill that makes you think that anyone dresses better than Halle Berry. Your comment about her pants was one thing, but then to suggest that’s what she does all the time is dress crazy from your view point. If you really follow Halle Berry’s clothing designs and styles, you would know that the only other person who comes close to dressing as cool, hip, fashionable, and with it; is the Ms. Selena Gomez. Let’s look at photos of your wardrobe… can we?

    Char Charles