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Who’s That Cougar On My January Issue of Playboy?

Tara Reid

Oh, jeez! Look who’s back! It’s my favorite drunken party skank, Tara Reid and she’s on the cover of Playboy!

The completely unemployable actress has had a really rough go the last couple of years between dealing with what was clearly a substance abuse problem and a series of botched plastic surgeries that left her body looking like shrink-wrapped cottage cheese stapled to the inside of a leather purse. She’s undergone more surgeries to remove a lot of the scarring that she experienced and now she’s showing off her goods in a nudie mag so we all know that she’s “back in action” or something. Tara (now 34 years old! Can you believe it? Time flies!) told a New York radio station “That’s part of the reason why I did Playboy, to show people, ‘Right, look at me. This is how I look now.’”, referring to those horrible tummy tuck scars we all saw.

I wonder what the other reasons for doing Playboy were. Perhaps the fact that it was her only paying gig since a club appearance in New Mexico or a straight to DVD film? Perhaps because there really was nothing to say about the woman that hasn’t already been said and she wanted to offer up a new angle for the press? Dare I say “art”?

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