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UFC Fighter Tito Ortiz Arrested and Released in Connection With the Alleged Beating of Jenna Jameson

Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jamesons’ live-in boyfriend or whatever, was arrested early yesterday morning at the couple’s shared home in Huntington Beach, California on allegations that he assaulted the former porn star.

Ortiz, a UFC fighter, was said to have “freaked out” on his baby mama, Jenna Jameson. Ortiz claimed that he had no part in injuring Jameson and maintains a position stating that she “injured herself” while under the influence of Oxycontin, a drug that she’s reportedly abused for years.

However, Jenna claims that Tito “threw” her into a tub and hurt her both physically and mentally. In an interview earlier yesterday, Jameson states that she had said something “extremely hurtful to his [Ortiz] ego” and Ortiz became enraged with her. Jameson claims that Ortiz threw her into the bathtub as a result and Jameson had suffered torn shoulder ligaments because the mere force of the throw. Jameson also claims that Ortiz is overreacting to practically everything these days because of his concern for her, uh, “fabled” Oxycontin addiction. Jameson claims that Ortiz is “very, very desperate” at this point.

Despite Jameson’s allegations, Tito maintains a position that he’s never laid a hand on Jameson — and no matter what the case, wouldn’t.

Tito was released on bail late yesterday afternoon.

The couple have two children together, twins that are just over a year old.

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  • I think it’s safe to reserve too much judgement here. She has a history of substance abuse but who knows what goes on in a relationship? I don’t know, he just never came across as the type. I know he can act like a punk to wind his opponents up but he never came across as dishonest and I’m inclined to believe his side of the story. Whatever I hope that whichever of them needs help gets it.

  • Is there some requirement that rich, famous drug abusers have to have twins?

    So was Jenna abusing while she was pregnant? Who gets the kids, the drugged-out former porn star mummy or the people-pounding papa?

    Poor kids – what a legacy. I think there needs to be a whole separate therapy devoted to the kids of fame-whore addicts.

  • i’ll have to admit that i am suspicious of any defense, especially related to violence against women, that starts with blaming the victim.

    how would being a drug addict, admittedly not a good thing, excuse you from hurting someone. there’s no excuse for letting things go that far.

  • I’m inclined to believe Ortiz on this one. She claims to have torn ligaments on her shoulder, but then why is her upper arm the only thing being treated? My friend tore a shoulder ligament playing football and he had ton of stuff around his shoulder for months. He also had to wear a sling because apparently with a torn ligament, he couldn’t carry the weight of his arm very easily. So yeah, fishy injury. Also, why is she so eager to talk to the paparazzi?

  • Gosh! Whoever thought that a porn star girlfriend could be so high maintenance. They deserve each other.