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Even Jesse James’ Dad Thinks His Son is a Nazi-Lovin’ Freak

Jesse James has been released from rehab and has been set out upon the world to resurrect his, uh, “image,” and he’s doing it sans wedding ring.

Anyway, Huntington Beach was a pretty big place for drama to go down yesterday, what with Jesse’s epic return home and Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson’s fight that resulted in Ortiz’s arrest. James arrived at his formerly-shared with Sandra Bullock home yesterday on the back of one of his hawgs.

However, while Jesse’s so obviously trying to rectify his mistakes (ha), his father had some less-than-productive comments on James’ embellished past and fascination with all-things-Nazi. According to James’ father, the Nazi obsession “… started at an early age. [He] liked their war machine, he liked their uniforms, he liked their guns, he liked everything about them.” The elder James admits that he bought books for Jesse on the war, and said that he had a friend “that was a Nazi, that [Larry James] used to do antique shows with.”

According to Jesse’s supposedly-troubled upbringing, Larry James claims that his son is full of it. Larry claimed that his violent and hard-knock past had no truth to it whatsoever; James “had one incident with the law… he did 26 days in juvenile hall [for] stealing some film out of a photomat.”

Jesse and his father, Larry, have been estranged for over six years due to un-publicized reasons. Larry even admits to never having met his son’s wife, Sandra Bullock.

Sucks for you Jesse, that after all of the nailing around you did behind Sandra Bullock’s back that each and every person you might have considered “close” at one point is coming back to hammer those last nails into your coffin, am I right?

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  • you seriously suck as a writer. “according to jesse’s supposedly-troubled upbringing”…wow.

  • isn’t it weird that his own father (estranged aside) is trying to make money by outing his own son.

    In the interview he admits to introducing Jesse to all the Nazi stuff- that is not normal, and since he did not discourage it it seems Jesse’s pops is a nazi loving fan of Hitler as well.

    Since we have no idea why they are estranged I think this dad’s words are suspect and if true they implicate him far more than Jesse. Kids are highly influenced by their parents and it seems that this “so-called” dad had no problem with handing down his own belief system.

      • “we have no idea why they are estranged”

        They became estranged in 1994 after Jesse stole his fathers Nazi Porn Collection. What really pissed the old man off was Jesse sold his first edition copy of “Deutsch Schlampen, die Nutztiere fuck”, which purportedly had a Hitler cum stain on it.

    • melissa i totally agree with you ,he was programed it seem’s by he’s father, shame on him .

  • There’s so much embelishment over Jesse’s situation. Yes he’s a dog for cheating on Bullock, but his only real crime was getting married. he should’nt have if he was’nt ready to commit. The stuff that bothers me more is all this Nazi nonsense. He’s not a freaki’n Nazi! This stuff Larry, his Dad is saying is nothing more than yet another attempt of his to make a quick buck. I mean he sold this “info” to TMZ for cryin’ out loud. The bottom line is Jesse had a horrible upbringing where his father was concerned. He basically abandoned him. As far as this whole Nazi hat business goes, it was given to Jesse by Barry Weiss, his Godfather. He is of Jewish background, but not practicing which explains the whole Godfather debacle. Where did Weiss get the hat? Back in the day, him and Larry James were antique memorabilia dealers. They procured all kinds of historical items which included wartime peices, antique furniture, weapons, and yes…uniforms from a multitude of military forces.
    This story of Larry’s is just another example of why Jesse has chosen to keep him away from him and his family. There is nothing malicious about it. They don’t see eye to eye, and he chose to not have his fathers influence in his family.
    I mean c’mon…..The last thing I read last week was some idiot pointing out red laces he had on his Redwing boots, claiming that anyone wearing red laces is proof of their allegience to the Nazi movement.
    Wow! I guess I better take the red laces off my boots before I’m mistaken for a Nazi too.

    If you take a strole around Jesse’s shop, you will find all kinds of vintage and war time peices. Everything from aircraft engines, to B-29 bomber seats., Helmets from different armies, hell…even an old Eckhold metal forming machine pulled from the same factory that made the Red Baron’s plane.
    He’s a guy folks. He may not be the most tactful, or responsible human being, but he’s not a racist. Most of his crew are Mexican, Black, and he employs mentally challenged people for light duties around the plant. He’s raised lots of money through auctions of bikes and cars, then given 100% to innercity schools to give minority kids based in project communities a chance to have a career in the automotive industry.

    Say what you will about the husband, but there’s more to Jesse than Sandra Bullock, and a bunch of backhanded opinions.

  • i just watched the video and i call bullshit…the father had a friend who was a Nazi (that alone says something!) and allowed James to be around him.

    the dad clearly introduced Jesse to all things Nazi and exposed him to his friend, let Jesse read literature and then when saw son’s interest took it away?!? WTF as if he as a father had no hand whatsoever in it?

    For all we know there might be some serious reasons Jesse does not talk to his dad that also might shed light on how Jesse wound being the asshole he seems to be.

    • Exactly Melissa. I’ll be careful here but one thing I’ve learned is Larry is a cheap opportunist. He rejects Jesse’s claims about his youth…..big surprise! Now he finally has a big onesided open forum to respond to Jesse’s allegations without much fear of retribution now that Jesse’s seen as nothing more than human waste to the mass media.
      Pathetic. I don’t approve of many things Jesse’s done, but hey, we all make mistakes, and with some people it never sinks in. I’d just like to see all these people who are trashing him…..their deep dark secrets. I’m sure they’ve got a few skeletons in their closet.

      I just had a conversation with a female coworker who BTW had had an affair on her husband a couple years ago and got caught. it was funny. She was going on and on about all the guys in Hollywood getting caught cheating, and how they’re all scumbags…..We brought up her affair, and her response “That’s different!……A woman has a right to choose if she feels the connection is gone.” Uhhhhh. OK! No hipocrecy there.
      Dumbass! lol.

      • well, i agree with you completely.
        it seems that for all of our phony political correctness people sure are quick to throw around the words “Nazi” “Hitler” and Racist.

        I don’t think people even know what that really means anymore.

        Hell, I can’t even protest for tax reform without being called a Nazi.

        It’s beyond ridiculous.

        if jesse is innocent of the slander related to these accusations i hope one day his name is cleared.

      • “Hell, I can’t even protest for tax reform without being called a Nazi.”

        Maybe next time you shouldn’t wear your SS uniform.

        Just a thought. :)

      • “but hey, we all make mistakes”

        Hitler was going to use that excuse as well, but on advice of counsel he shot himself in the fucking head instead.

        Jesse is a grown man. I don’t give a fuck what his father did or said. Grow up pussy, take ownership of your life.

        Waaaaa….waaaaa, my daddy yelled at me when I shit my pants as a kid, I guess now I’ll have to grow up to be a douche Nazi fuck!

  • There are a lot of people that are interested in WWII artifacts, Nazi things included…that does not make them racist nazis. This is just getting stupid.