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I Think Tito Ortiz Accidentally Ate Jenna Jameson’s Face

Jenna Jameson Backstage at Heatherette Show

Jenna Jameson and Kim Kardashian Backstage at Heatherette Show

I can’t really blame him. Her lips do look a lot like a vagina these days.

Seriously it looks like someone ate this girl’s whole face and then spit it back out onto her head.

Homegirl looks worked.

Backstage at the Heatherette show.

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    • true friends! how do these shallow spoiled no loads of American spoiled luxury get on all these public venues? They really think being recognized equals great achievement. Just legalized prostitution. Kardasian is ignorant and another used Caucasion, look up caucasian.

      Plastic surgery so what is beauty, purchased, ?
      College campuses have the most beauty abundant ration of us in our primes, TRUE Beauty

  • Seriously, Jenna looks like she’s dying. Her weight is beyond just mere concern. I think this woman needs urgent medical care. She makes Keira Knightly look voluptuous.

  • And I use to jerk off to her videos. Okay I still do. But this pic definitely makes her look like she got AIDS.

  • She was on LA Ink and I didn’t even recognize her. Maybe she’s hiding from the IRS. God she used to be beautiful!

  • Good God Girl. I am going to have to change to having a different fave porn star. Along time ago I saw a documentary and she was on meth. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM??????????????????????????

  • Ugh, I hope she didn’t buy a house in VA…I live in VA, and I so do not need this diseased whorebag in my state, spreading her STDs around here! She’s what, only 33, and this is what she looks like?!??? Good lord, she is appalling, and she used to be so pretty! She was always disgusting, like all porn whores, but she WAS beautiful. Too bad she isn’t…not any more. I read her autobiography, and I felt kinda bad for her…and I feel even worse when I hear how so many young (obviously dumb) girls look up to this creature, and think that her lifestyle is something to aspire to. Yeah, she has money, but does she have class, respect, or anything that is REALLY worth something? I don’t think so. But hey, what do I know? I’m just some dumb chick who has been happily married for 4 years to my high school sweetheart (who is the BEST guy in the universe) that I have been with since I was 15 (I’m now 26). I have a good job, a good life, and most importantly, I can look in the mirror and be proud of who and what I am, even though I am not rich. So, who REALLY has the better life…me or Jenna? I suppose it’s all a matter of opinion, but I know I wouldn’t trade my life, and my wonderful husband for ANYTHING in this world. I just weep for the girls who think that Jenna’s lifestyle is something to aspire to. I think they will end up as trashy, used and abused as Jenna, and all at the young age of 33. So sad.

    As for Kim Lardassian… fitting is it that she is hanging with Jenna? Two gross, despicable, worthless whores, together at last! I hope all their diseases don’t combine and create some new form of super-STD. That would be scary, to say the least. If I was in the same room with those two, I’d be in a full body hazmat suit…you’d better believe it! They are both walking cesspools of disease, and they both look horrid. Look at their vacant, dead eyes, and their obvious lack of intelligence or class. How truly sad that THESE “women” are set up as people to emulate, to be jealous of, and to aspire to be like. How is it that more people are not really, REALLY worried about this? Hell, I don’t have, like, or WANT children, but I am scared for all the little girls out there, with trashy whores like this as role models! Yikes!

    (sorry about the novel, I just had a lot to say. I’m sure it’s tl;dr, but hey, whatever)

  • wow kais you need to calm the hell down. all you’re doing is coming off as annoying and judgmental. just because she does porn, doesn’t mean that she’s a whore. sure, she looks like a corpse, but that doesn’t mean that she deserves to be judged and berated by you or anyone else. let her be, and learn to be more accepting.

    • She is a whore if she is a pornstar but since marriage has dis integrated our definition of whore has become more covered as free, ‘dating’ open. bullshit they are just afraid to take a stand and run w the dominant power source.

  • “Brittany Says”: just because she does porn, doesn’t mean that she’s a whore.

    LOL Just because he robs banks, doesn’t mean that he’s a thief.

    Just because he fucks men, doesn’t mean that he’s gay. LOL

    Hey Brit i got news for you, she is a whore and a fucking filthy whore at that, what you see there on your computer screen is the ugly face of whoredom. A cock sucking fucking filthy bitch WHORE.

    Can u imagine the warts and sores and viruses this cunt has festering between her bony thighs. Fuck you Jenna u nigger fucking cunt, die soon please.

  • Totally agree with Brittany… and Rob.. you’re a KKK fucking asshole! Jenna looks like she has health problems. Rob I’m sure as hell that you watch pron. So if jenna’s a whore for doing porn what are you then? A frustrated chump who can’t get laid and hates pornstars because they get laid a lot. You fucking moron!

  • Wow… there is a lot of venom on this website. I think we can technically call her a whore because she has sex for money. I wouldn’t go to the extreme that these guys went to but at 33, she should look way better than that. She looks sickly and definitely looks like she has an eating disorder or worse.

    I don’t wish any diseases on anyone (well, maybe Fidel Castro) but she sure looks like she is withering away. Too bad, she was once very attractive and smart. Tito Ortiz better get checked because the UFC won’t let him back in if anything shows up on the blood tests. And I, for one, need to see him fight a few more years before he hangs up the gloves.

    Jenna – get help… you need it and the rest of you, quit being so damn offensive. Can you say it with a little class or is crass the only thing you know?

  • Oh and if Kim K. is ever lonely and wants to have her way with me… gimme a call. For her, I’d be game for anything…

  • okay, so this really pisses me off. I hate it when ppl come on here and start bashing at Jenna for being a whore and saying how she is full of diseases. That is absolutely ridiculous. I may not look up to jenna as a role model, but i do understand where she comes from. And although she has made some bad decisons in her life, it’s not up to us to bash her and insult her. Yea, so maybe she was a porn star. So what. It’s what she was good at, and if she is able to get paid for it… more power to her. It’s the same with every other profession out there. If you are good at it, and it pays good… of course you’re going to do it. and on top of that, i don’t understand how ppl can say things bad about jenna. If she was so effing bad and such a whore, then why did you watch the g*d da*n movie?

  • O.K. the whore issue is a matter of opinion and whether or not having sex for money is acceptable according to the one judging. People have different opinions on it and we can be here all day debating about it. We will never come to an agreement. In my opinion she isn’t disease ridden because it is her job and she is having sex that has been organized and many many precautions have been taken. Each person is tested for disease and it is safe. For many of the women out there who go to bars and meet men and have one night stands and such. You have a greater chance of being a disease carrying whore. At least she takes the precautionary measures to protect herself. It isn’t like she is doing it with strangers. I may not agree with her lifestyle but before you judge look in the mirror and judge yourself!!! I think Jenna’s appearance is due to either drug use or an eating disorder. Also a case of bad cosmetic surgery. I hope she asked for her $$$ back.

  • I think you all are passing judgement WAY to quick. What gives any of you the right to make those shitty statements about her? She choses the life she leads and I’m sure a lot of you have done some pretty shady things that you wouldn’t want people to judge you for. Grow up.

  • I always enjoyed watching Jenna and admired her openess and intellect about the sex industry. Whether people are prudes or not, she was at her job and there will always be porn. Just because she spoke about it and promoted safe sexual enjoyment, people slate her. It’s true that her lifestyle probably lead her down a few undesirable paths, hense why she looks as she does. BUT it also happens to a lot of celebs/actors etc. I doubt it is as a result of her specific profession and certainly not an STD. Give her a break guys. She looks in turmoil and I wish her the best

  • I was just chatting with my coworker about this the other day at the resturant. Don’t know how in the world we got on the subject really, they brought it up. I do recall having a excellent fruit salad with cranberries on it. I digress…

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  • I’m reading her book right now. if anything i feel sorry for her. i won’t call her a whore. I’ll call sasha grey a whore though. the first time i heard about her,the first thing i wondered was,”what does her family think about it?” read her book.
    i think that jenna jameson is a special case. you can’t just look at her and call her a whore. you have to look at her environment growing up. these things had effects on her. her mother was a showgirl so she though that was the way to independance. from reading her book,i was sorry that she didn’t have a good mother figure and the stepmother she had was horrid.she obviously had some kind of daddy complex. then again,she asked her father if she should do porn and he supported her. he didn’t agree with it but he supported her. he abandoned her in her youth and she fell in with the wrong crowd so i guess he thought he now had the chance to be supportive. its all very fucked up. tell me,why would a 19 year old still have a barbie doll? she was a messed up child that grew into a messed up woman.i’m glad she’s having a happily ever after though judging by this pic,it might not be so.
    you can spit on the faces of the idiot twats who are forsaking education and ASPIRING to become pornstars like its some new age career but don’t judge jenna jameson too harshly. she reaped what she had sown and she owned up to it so i say just let her be.