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Tiger Woods May or May Not Have Been Cheating on His Wife (But Probably Was)

*Nov 29 - 00:05*

When we first mentioned that Tiger Woods had crashed his car into a tree outside his home at 2:30 in the morning and wound up unconscious on the ground, several of you were shrewd enough to mention in the comments that, perhaps, everything was not domestic bliss in that home. It turns out there might be some truth to that rumor — before the incident, the National Enquirer had reported that Tiger was having an affair with the black-rope queen of the NYC nightclub scene, Rachel Uchitel. That’s the same publication that got the John Edwards scandal spot-on, and they’d photographed a similar hotel rendezvous between Rachel and Tiger. I guess his wife Elin smelled a little bit of the truth in it. Now, the Florida Highway Patrol is pursuing a search warrant to seize medical records in the case. Elin’s story isn’t holding up, and they’re considering pressing domestic violence charges against her. Rachel Uchitel, meanwhile, has denied the allegations and lawyered up (Gloria Allred, for realz) and is assumed to be considering pressing charges against National Enquirer for their story.

This isn’t Rachel Uchitel’s first time dodging unwanted media attention. She was an iconic image after the September 11 attacks, where her then-fiance died in the South Tower. Remember this shot?


Yeah, that’s Rachel Uchitel. Afterward, she quit her job as a news producer, suffered an emotional breakdown (duh), and spent time recovering at The Ashram in Brazil and later at the one in Los Angeles before returning to NYC and getting involved in the nightclub scene. (I got a call today from a friend who knew her during that time: “She did a 180 after the attacks. She was just this sweet little news producer, and all of a sudden she’s running the velvet ropes all over NYC and starfucking like it’s a sport.”) Several years later, she married another Wall Street trader in a giant, lavish wedding, and divorced him four months later, moving to Las Vegas to help launch the uber-successful Tao nightclub. She’s known for her uncanny ability to get A-listers to show up at clubs (uncanny, indeed). Oh, and she was also rumored to be sleeping with David Boreanaz … during his marriage.

What a cast of characters! This is about to get fun, folks.

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  • It”s tragic that she lost her fiance on 9-11. That is a day we’ll never forget. However, losing a loved one does not give you the right to “starfuck” everyone in sight. Seems she needs to have attention all the time. She wants her 15 minutes of famewhore and doesn’t care who she ruins on her way there. Women like her are toxic.

    • how was this tigers fuck up? tiger’s wife needs to go to jail….if the situation was reversed tiger would be in jail……..

      • Did I say it was Tiger Woods who fucked up? But it doesn’t matter who did — his reputation is kinda in the crapper at the moment. Like someone else said, this guy is around for YEARS and no one says “boo” about him. This week — holy crap. If he even talked to this crazy chica, he needs his head examined. No wonder his wife was PO’d. This is the last bitch you want to hear your husband might be palling around with.

        And Tiger Woods clearly wasn’t thinking of the stodgy companies who endorse him: Buick, Accenture, American Express. How (and why???) he ever got within 50 feet of this Rachel person is beyond me.

        And save your “hypocritical white” garbage. If he effed up, it was because he was thinking with his dick, not because he is black.

  • This fascinates me. Why do we always want to see our heroes fail? The thing that makes me think there is more to this than is being said is that it was reported he left the house at 2:30 AM. Where the hell was he going at that hour on Black Thursday? To line up at his local Wal-Mart?

    • Tiger’s not a fucking HERO!!! He’s a fucking good golfer and that’s it. The heroes you should be concerned about are those that are fighting in the name of your country while you sit on your fat asses and wring your collective hands about some lameass Nike product like Tiger Woods.

  • OK, this has been bothering me all morning, people. And this has nothing to do with the the allegations against Tiger’s wife for abusing him — abusers should be punished, end of story.
    HOWEVER, shouldn’t this sentence:
    “Oh, and she was also rumored to be sleeping with David Boreanaz … during his marriage”
    Really read: “Oh, and David Boreanaz was rumored to be sleeping with her — during his marriage.”
    The first one casts the blame for David Boreanaz not being able to keep it in his pants while married squarely on Uchitel’s shoulders, the second puts the blame where it is due. Granted she carries some of it for choosing a married man, but SHE isn’t married. SHE’S single. It’s not like she hypnotized these stars with her magical voodoo and MADE them do something they didn’t want to do. But somehow we’re all supposed to chastise her for being a “starfucker.” Huh. Seems sexist to me. Especially for a site that is intricately linked to a blog subtitled “Feminism in a Bra.”

    • I didn’t notice that but I completely agree. People always seem to blame the mistress/mister but they are not the one who is married. The married person should be taking most of, if not all of, the blame for fucking up.

  • the whole thing about tiger having an affair may be credible but it’s so stupid to think that rachel and tiger were seeing each other in Melbourne. when would he have the time? he goes to the gym everyday plus practices for hours before the actual tournament and his mother was with him!

  • i’m just mad she got to sleep with david boreaneaneaz and his hot ass… not so much worried about this tiger dude

  • @chels I know what you mean, its hard to find good help these days. People now days just don’t have the work ethic they used to have. I mean consider whoever wrote this post, they must have been working hard to write that good and it took a good bit of their time I am sure. I work with people who couldn’t write like this if they tried, and getting them to try is hard enough as it is.