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Love it or Leave it: British Edition

John and Edward Grimes Attend the T4 "Stars of 2009" Concert in London

I’m not in the U.K., so I don’t know who most of the people are who turned up to T4’s “Stars of 2009” concert this weekend in London. Hell, I don’t even know what T4 is– I had to look it up on Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, I wanted to post some of the photos from this event, and I think you can see why. Some of you readers who live across the pond might actually recognize some of these celebrities. Those of you who have never heard of them before can just recognize their terrible, terrible fashion.

We have the Leaping Hightower Twins above, Lady Roadkill below, and Ziggy Ho-dust  in a gallery that’s punctuated by only a few bright spots, including some of the co-stars from the Harry Potter movies. Enjoy.

Paloma Faith Attends the T4 "Stars of 2009" Concert in London

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  • Acts such as Jedward make me ASHAMED to be BRITISH ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • ehh…Anna, Jedward are Irish. I don’t think think you have any need to feel ashamed, but if you just fancy it, gone on right ahead and adopt them

  • I’m baffled by the fashion choices of most of these people… Is the dead squirrel on that woman’s dress a joke? Oh well, another offensive stereotype for me to peg on the British: Bad fashion!

  • oh pulease! the fashion shown here is no worse than what many of our celebrities show up at some big event…especially U.S. musicians

    • No we aren’t, we are just DIFFERENT TO YOU. British people aren’t “fucking retarded” just because our celebrities aren’t as conformist as yours. Your celebrities all look the same. In the UK, we don’t have “The Gosselins” or any of your baseball/baketball stars. Does that make you “fucking retarded”? The USA and Britain have very different cultures, don’t be so arrogant as to think that your culture is the measure for all other cultures, and that if it’s different it is wrong.

      • 1. He’s trying to aggravate you. Don’t take the bait.

        2. Insulting American celebrities is not really helping the point you are trying to make.

  • Don’t worry Anna, technically John and Edward(JedWard) are Irish so we Brits don’t have to take any credit for them … thankfully.

    Paloma Faith is quite fun and kooky. She is no different from Katy Perry really, apart from being a better singer.

  • Paloma Faith is a very talented and upcoming singer, and in Britain we like a bit of quirkiness.
    Kesha did “Right Round” with Flo Rida.
    Sugababes are massively successful and I’m shocked that you don’t have them in America.
    Jamie Archer and Jedward are both from a program called “X Factor”, which is a competition to find pop stars. Jedward are awful, but they are Irish not British thankfully.
    Tulisa is from a hiphop band from London called N-Dubz, who are really popular and their debut album has gone platinum.
    Florence Welch is from a band called Florence & The Machine.
    Frankie Sandford is from a band called The Saturdays.
    Tinchy Stryder is a rapper/singer of a genre we have in London called Grime.

    KELLY, please don’t insinuate that we British are inferior to you Americans because you don’t recognise our celebrities. Maybe you think it is “terrible fashion” because you are not from our country? I know it’s hard to believe, but not everyone in the world tries to look and act as American as possible. We have much more interesting, genuine and quirky styles in Britain, people don’t need to all look and dress the same to be “cool”.

    You really are very misinformed. Given that you report some version of “news”, I think you ought to look at other cultures more and up your game a bit rather than Brit-bashing because you don’t recognise our celebrities. Of course you don’t! You don’t live here, and they are far too interesting for a wishy-washy American audience.

      • Why are you here? Are you just showing off your ability to write? Because I don’t think that constantly making pointless offensive statements punctuated by swearing counts as “communication”.

    • Lulu, you should know by now the people here don’t do culture. Which is a smart thing to do if you think about it. Why pretend to be fair when it’s obvious that you have no understanding of it right? Instead, they stick to the one thing they’re good at and understand – unadulterated Klatsch. You should applaud them for this.

    • I think the ridiculous hair and the goat horn/weasel tail necklace count as terrible fashion on any side of the pond.

  • WHAT THE FUCK IS ATTACKING HER??? That’s fucking gross. Why do people still wear fur? If some one brought that shit to me for me to wear I would’ve sent them away and told them to try again. Love the British btw. Grandpa came from England in his forties. Would love to visit there some day!

  • Honestly, I like the roadkill attire a lot more than Lady Caca’s stupid teacup that she TOOK WITH HER TO THE HOLOCAUST MUSEUM.

    It’s all about getting your photo taken. Otherwise, we might never hear about Ms. Paloma, since they don’t neccessarily release all British music in the States.

    Case in point: Little Boots. She’s super awesome but no one knows who she is because she doesn’t sport crazayzee clothing ore pretend to be a hermaphrodite.

    But the kids with the Kid-n-Play hairstyles. Yeah, I’d like to punch them both in the face.

  • What’s the point of this article? The author could as well have written “ugh couldn’t be bothered to look these people up.”

    • i agree, however everyone is entitled to the own opinions…

      we laugh at your fashion and you laugh at our lets just sip our tea and you your frapacchinos and agree to disagree ;)

  • Ok, I agree with being unique and not having to conform… but that dead thing on Faith’s chest is just hurtful to the eyes… NOT about fashion, just plain old UGLY!

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