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David Hasselhoff’s Daughters Are So Totally Screwed


If ya hadn’t heard, David Hasselhoff is back to drinking (shocker!), and he was rushed to the hospital on Friday with seizures. Because he’s going to die of alcoholism soon. His daughters are devastated, obvi, so their mother, Pamela Bach — who spent the better part of last year ranting about what a horrible and hopeless alcoholic he was — spent some time with them and then went out and got drunk. Because that’s a really great example to set for your daughters, who are basically, at this point, guaranteed a dead father and a drinking problem of their own.

She was pulled over for DUI and blew a .14. It’s her second DUI this year, and, in California, that’s mandatory jail time. She was arrested and released on $15,000 bail, and told TMZ she was headed to an AA meeting, which is perhaps something she should have done before drinking and driving. Also, announcing to TMZ that you’re headed to an AA meeting is one really good way to get photographers to show up and take pictures of you walking into an AA meeting, which is something other people in AA really appreciate and a surefire indicator that you’re taking your drinking problem seriously. In summary: Shut up, Pamela Bach. You suck.

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  • Tragic. He needs to want to clean up for himself, unfortunately – the kids aren’t reason enough. Sobriety, and the pursuit of it is for self.

    Poor kids lucked out with two winners for parents.


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  • Now wait a minute, perhaps something else entirely is going on here. Maybe there’s something about spending time with those girls that is DRIVING their parents to drink. That seems to be the common denominator in both cases.

    • You’re a jackass! I’m sure you would have offered the same brilliant piece of advice if they were boys… Go fuck yourself!