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What Is That Sound? Why, It’s The Deafening Sound Of Celebs Falling Off The Wagon


I was hoping things were looking up for Tara Reid after her stint in rehab.  To be honest, she was looking fabulous and seemed really dedicated to her program.  Then she went to Cannes.

Relapse is pretty common, especially in the early days of sobriety.  Tara, go home, call your sponsor.  And for God’s sake, put on some lipstick!

Sadly, Reid isn’t the only one back on the sauce.  I watched Celebrity Rehab when porn star Mary Carey was on.  And yeah, the show is exploitative, but she really showed signs of promise.  It seemed that when she stopped drinking she could envision a life that didn’t involve getting naked in front of cameras.  Unfortunately, she had a manager who was a real scumbag focused on salary over sanity.

It was pretty clear that she returned to boozing it up, but now Carey has released a new porn movie titled Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw. You can watch a small clip of her on the set here, complete with Carey swigging straight out of a bottle.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of Celebrity Rehab (which will now be known as “the one where everyone keeps their clothes on“), Tweeted about it: “For those of you wondering about my feelings about Mary Ellen Cook’s [Mary Carey’s] choice to mock : Res ipsa loquitur. Makes me very sad.

It is sad to watch the descent and I can’t imagine having to battle addiction in the media.  I hope these two over-processed blonds can get on the right path.  Soon!

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  • Wendie, I have to be honest and say that you really confuse me. One day you are slamming Jessica Simpson for forgetting lyrics and the next day you are writing sweetly about some nasty-ass porn star and Tara Reid? They are the absolute most disgusting, worthless people ever and here you scribble sweet-little-nothings about them getting sober and how hard life must be for them? FUCK THAT! They made their choices and continue to do so even with the proper tools at their disposle…let them go. They are trash!!!

  • These people are fame whores who want to get what they can. That means fake rehab in front of the cameras. The reason rehab doesn’t work for them is because it was never really the main reason they were on the show. I do feel for Dr. Drew. I used to watch his kids. He is a very compassionate person. I think his show, however entertaining, isn’t in very good taste.

    Tara Reid… how stupid is she? She goes to rehab and then goes to a major party atmosphere.

  • At times like this I wonder if Carson Daly can actually hear the bullet that he dodged whizzing by.

  • Every time I see that Tara Reid is supposedly back on the wagon, I think, “Yeah, right – give it time.” To those without any compassion – addiction is an illness. To make moral judgements misses the point. I think it’s tragic that there are people prepared to exploit someone’s illness for financial gain.

    • Grace, I agree with you that addiction is a chronically relapsing disease. I also believe that people need to be held accountable for their choices and not lean or rely on excuses like….”but, I’m addicted.’ Doesn’t work that way. My problem with this post is not that Tara and Mary are addicts, it is Wendie posting sentimental about a party-girl and porn star and then bashing wholesome stars for looking fat in a pair of jeans of forgetting her lyrics.

  • I am still rooting for Mary Carey.

    Sure, she did what she did and I am sure Dr. Drew feels like he tried to help and she laughed in his face but I don’t doubt that they offered her good money and she took it. Most of us would probably say yes to the money and think about hurting someone’s feelings later as well.

  • Very sad. There is a point at which you have to take responsibility for your own actions, disease or no disease, and these two are FAR past that point.