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“I’d just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses.”

The infamous flabaphobe and editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, in a 60 Minutes interview explaining how Minnesotans look like split-levels.

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    • Right?! She would be frozen through in a second! Being from NH, I immediately thought about the “winter layer” that everyone is most likely trying to work off right now for Memorial Day ;)

  • You know I love this type of delusional female. That she thinks her opinion really counts outside of NYC. She is just another soulless creature like Paris Hilton who believe that their opinion of others, really matter.

    What they never realize that they are mocked behind their backs daily. And contrary to what they think…no one aspires to be like them… they are just one tiny snide comment from being ran out of the NYC social scene.

    If anything Miss Wintour should be a great example of what not to be. A bitter old bird with no real friends.

    • Why is she soulless? She’s a magazine editor. The comparison to Paris is weak, she’s never done anything.

      She’s right, outside of NYC, most Americans are fat asses.

  • To which people from Minnesota might counter with the observation that she looks somewhat like a Victorian lampshade with legs.

  • Regardless of our size, I’m sure none of us would buy anything as tasteless and ugly as the dress she’s wearing in that picture. That dress says it all about her sense of class and taste. She was wise to wear glasses and hide.

      • You’re right. It’s Donatella’s daughter that has the issues.

        I don’t believe Anna Wintour has any children?

      • I’m almost 100% sure Miss Wintour’s daughter has an eating disorder, most likely anorexia.

      • she has a daughter named Bee, who’s normal looking and doesn’t seem to have eating issues.

  • This woman’s comment doesn’t even make any sense! Perhaps she is attempting to be clever…either way she comes across like a snob!

  • I grew up in upstate New York, and you don’t have to get too far from the city when you start to notice that the majority of people are, indeed, HUGE. A snarky comment from a skinny bitch, sure, but there’s obvs some truth there, too.

  • Anna Wintour is a deranged, delusional woman. It frightens me a little that she has any kind of influence at all – but then, I suppose you could describe the whole fashion industry as deranged and delusional. Either way, I don’t suppose ordinary people give a flying fuck what Anna Wintour thinks about their appearance. Sad lady.

  • She needs to curb her dogs more.. looks like they use her dress for a hydrant.
    Anyway if O has his way.. nobody will be able to afford high fashion or her expensive magazine.

  • What a complete ass. This bitch thinks that anyone that doesn’t live in NYC, have shit loads of money, and wear designer clothes (her whole look sucks), and not a size 0, looks like little houses? WTF? She got a glimsp of the real America, where people work normal jobs, wear clothes from the damn GAP (if they are lucky) and eat real food for freakin’ dinner. Shut the fuck up you uppity fuck, before the real people fuckin’ eat your dumb ass for dinner. What a bitch.

  • hhaha that was hilarious! and true of most people in my neck of the woods too! i love when chubby people get all offended, you too my friend can eat less and exercise.

  • Have you ever stopped at one of those places off the highway that have all the fast food places, etc? Everyone is the size of a house. Everywhere are fat asses wearing Loony Tunes and NASCAR sweatshirts.

    She’s spot on.