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Lindsay Gets Inked


My brother and I made a bet before he left for his tour of duty in Afghanistan.  I think it was a drunken conversation that went something like, “You come back from war in one piece and I’ll get a tattoo,” knowing that he’d never remember our gin-soaked wager.  I was very relieved to have him return alive a year later.  One day he asked me to lunch and instead of driving us to a restaurant, he drove me to a tattoo parlor and left me there.  For three hours.  So, yeah, I have a tattoo.  A bet is a bet, but I look at that damned thing every day and wish I had just said “puppy” or “kid” instead of “tattoo.”

What is it about tattoos that always seem to go hand in hand with life change?  Rihanna had guns inked on her after being beaten up, Levi Johnston got Bristol Palin’s name put on his finger when he fell in love, Britney Spears headed to the tattoo parlor when she went bald crazy, as well.

Lindsay Lohan gets body art every time she’s drunk or high.  Needless to say, her epidermal real estate is at an all-time premium right now.  She’s basically a human totem pole with each colorful picture relaying a tale of her latest hallucination.  Last week, after the Red Bull and vodka-fueled Samantha Ronson split, Lohan found herself back at the needle, this time getting a Marilyn Monroe quote inscribed on her inner wrist:  “Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle.”  It’s time for some self-evaluation when you are having validating statments regarding you star status permanently inked on your body.

I hope Lindsay gets her act together before she runs out of skin.

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