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Hooooooly Shit Brit

More Britney video went up on X17.

This video shows Britney in the hair salon. It doesn’t show the actual cutting of the hair, just Brit sitting in the salon chair. You know, I was explaining all this to my father tonight (in addition to the death of Anna Nicole, which he just heard of today — “I was wondering why the news was showing so many pictures of a nobody,” he said), and he made a rather astute observation when I told him that Britney had ended up shearing her own head: “Couldn’t she just have stayed home and done that?” And it’s very true. For as much as she claims to despise the paps, she really could have just stayed home and done it, rather than making it a media field day. I’m telling you guys, this had something to do with Saturday being Paris Hilton’s birthday. She wanted to prove that she could still be the media queen. Anyway, most horrifying of all, at the end of the video, Britney drives away. Like, she is behind the wheel. Ugh.

This video begins with Brit telling a paparazzo, “Go fuck yourself” when he asked her why she shaved her head. It follows her into a tattoo parlor, where you can actually see the tattoo artist getting to work. She squeezes her bodyguard’s hand to deal with the pain. You’d think she’d be drugged enough already …

This last video is more from the tattoo parlor. She finally pulls off the gray sweatshirt and gives the photogs a good shot of her head. The funniest part of this is all the voices in the background like “Oh my God, she’s bald!” The paparazzi and passers-by are freaking out. The bodyguard pays, and Brit gives the tattoo artist a hug. You can hear a young girl in the background, probably on her cell phone, saying “Dad, I can see her perfectly!” By the time she leaves the tattoo place, the police are there to deal with the crowds.