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Rihanna Predicts Her Own Future Through Body Art


Here’s a picture of Rihanna’s newest tat, done by the aptly named tattoo artist BangBang.  She originally wanted a gun tattoo on each arm but felt that they would compromise her contract with Cover Girl.

What have we learned today?  Offensive ink placement?  Bad.  Staying with abuser?  All good.

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  • I think a lot of people are fooled by the fact that she’s a good looking girl. If she’s all tatt’ed up with guns, gets her ass beaten and willingly stepping back into that cycle of abuse.. c’mon, who’s to blame here? She’s a thugette and anything that happens to her is the result of her putting herself in harm’s way.

  • We dont know for a fact that they are back together.
    Lets lay off of both these bitches for a while.
    For OUR sake, not theirs.

    pistola no biggie

    • Rhianna, Jessica Simpson, (her stupid no talent sister) Britney Spears, basically anybody that’s a pop star, or even thinks they are turn out to be a mess in one way or another. It’s enough to make anyone mentally unbalanced. Build them up and throw them away, by finding out something about them that may or may not be true. My point is she would have ended up in the trash heap no matter what happened. This is what people do to pop stars. Even Lily Allen who went into the business with the idea that none of it is real, and says she won’t be doing this in tens years time, still gets trashed for things that she doesn’t do, or doesn’t even say, (I’ll give her credit for being real) but pops stars can never dodge a bullet. That part of the business is just too controlled, by too many people.

  • So why do you get a gun tattoo? Are you a sharpshooter? A thug? Did you release a song that went platinum and featured weapons? I don’t get it….

  • I’m guessing what the police description will say in the future: “an exit wound in the gun-shaped tatoo”

  • Okay. A gun. Why is she promoting the use of guns?

    Rihanna is digging herself a bottomless pit, it seems.

  • It’s like those try-hard girls in high school…the one’s that try to be “bad”, but are really NOT.

    hate it.

  • uh, i’m going to have to Judge and say…maybe she’s a perfect match for whatever she is getting…..jus sayin…….

  • LOL!

    wendie, i always know when it’s you posting before even looking at who’s name is beneath the title…

    you so baaad :-)

    you have a wicked sense of humor!

  • Lol. Oh jesus Rihanna… you’re killing me here.

    It gets harder and harder to laugh at people who are showing their stupidity.

    Okay, actually, it’s really still quite easy.

  • There were reports that she may have suffered a concussion from Chris banging her head into the window of the car repeatedly. Her family said that she has been acting strange since the incident. Maybe she has brain damage. That is the only explanation for this fuckery.