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Paris Hilton Responds to Her Image’s Use in McCain Ad

“Miss Hilton was neither asked, nor did she give permission, for the use of her likeness in the ad, and has no further comment,” her rep said in a statement, referring to footage of Paris being used in this commercial for John McCain.

Britney’s rep had no comment at all.

And, just for the record, some of you guys seem to think that because I’m making fun of a stupid commercial and pointing out that Jon Voight is possibly — just possibly — not qualified to write a political op-ed column for the Washington Post, that I’m all pro-Obama. And some of you guys are getting mad about it. Politicians are celebrities, folks, and I’m going to make fun of the retarded shit they do, whether they’re Republican, Democrat or even female. It’s fascinating to me that everyone around here is pretty laid-back when we’re making fun of movie stars and pop stars, but if there’s even the teensiest jab at their politico of choice, all of a sudden I’ve stepped WAY across the line. This doesn’t apply to all of you, of course, but for those to whom it does — chill out, please. I make fun of everybody. Except for Adam Duritz. Because I’m going to marry him. My making fun of a really stupid John McCain commercial does not mean I’m voting for Obama or that I think you should. It also doesn’t mean that I’m voting for McCain, that I’m voting third party, or that I’m writing in Dina Lohan as a candidate (although I do think we, as a nation, should sincerely consider that option). It means that John McCain made a really stupid commercial involving Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. That is all it means. And, as you must know by now, anything that Britney Spears or Paris Hilton does ends up on this blog. It’s in our bylaws. So let’s all relax and make fun of our fellow humans in peace, okay?

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  • I just need to take a moment to tell you evil beat how much I love love love you. You are my world and if you tell me to vote for Satan or Dina Lohan (same thing I know) then your wish is my command. By the way your little spell checker made me capitalize Satan. You keep doing your thing and for all those people with the stick up their you know what, we will see who is having the last laugh. For those of you who can’t guess who will be having the last laugh, it will be me and Evil Beat!!!!!!

  • Thats good to hear, even though I know your voting for Obama since it says your a liberal on facebook. =)… (atleast I hope it means that)

  • OK, OK, point taken and well put but it’s gonna be a hot one between now and November!

  • Fair enough Beet but if you start talking about marrying Obama I’m gonna have to take you out behind the woodshed and teach you some manners.

  • Think you might want to run this as a political disclaimer for the next couple political punching bag posts to get everyone aware… i sure do play a mean pinball.

  • I think Paris should just accept the publicity, good or bad. She is so boring now.

    (So boring that I can’t even think of anything else to say. That’s sad.)

  • Hallmark anyone? Paris just needs to get over herself. Everyone sure else has; but maybe this is the problem. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much?” Good comment, btw, Beet.

  • I’ll just mark this as one more reason that I love the Beet. Quite frankly, I would be dissappointed in you if you didn’t make fun of the presidential hopefuls. I mean, they are human.

  • Sorry to be the one to point out the obvious here– but the thing is that Britney’s vagina, entertaining as it is, has no impact on gas prices, health insurance availability, or the state of Roe v Wade. Politicians are celebrities, sad but true, but they also have the power to affect our lives, and with the way things are right now, there’s a lot riding on what happens in November. I for one am very, very concerned. Just a thought about why people may get a little more heated over politics. It’s more important than celebrity gossip. I’m not saying don’t make fun of them; that’s why I read this site. Just saying it’s natural to expect some heated responses.

    Oh, and of course, by “Britneys’ vagina” I meant “Britney’s Britney.” OK. Now I gotta go read about Katie Holmes’s baggy pants.

  • @DP:

    No censorship here. If your comment disappeared, it was an accident or a software glitch. You guys know I don’t censor, unless you’re spamming or racist. Come on now.

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  • How long until we see a Hugh Hefner sex tape? Hahahahahahahaha. Think about it? All of these “girls next door” women are making them. If I were Hef, I would want my piece of the action. The guy is like 89 years old or something. I bet he still has it in him. What a way to go out. He would be the rockstar of the sex tape world. An 89 year old man showing up some 20 somethings in their tapes. Maybe he should do one WITH Karissa Shannon. That would be something.