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Verne Troyer Is Just Suing Everyone These Days

I mean, it kind of makes sense. What else is he going to do? Beat them up?

This time, Verne’s suing his ex-girlfriend and sex tape partner, Ranae Shrider, for “intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery.” Verne’s lawyer claims his former housemate “once picked the lock to his bedroom door, pushing away a 100 pound scooter that was used to block the door, and then throwing him to the floor.” His lawyer, in a statement to TMZ, adds that “when you pick up a 2’8″ human being and throw him to the floor, it hurts.”

And you know what he’s suing her for?

$20 million!!!

You know this chick doesn’t have that kind of money. He’s trying to bankrupt her.

And what is his lawyer doing giving exclusive statements and information to TMZ? They were one of the parties named in Troyer’s previous lawsuit (also for $20M). Wanna know what I think? I think the settlement for the previous lawsuit — which resulted in TMZ taking down the footage they had of the sex tape — involved an agreement that Troyer would give TMZ a first look at inside info on any further developments. I mean, they ran this story before the lawsuit was even filed in court. It’s a strange, strange world, kids.

Oh and wanna know what I loooooooooove?

This photo.

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  • Beet,

    You’re right. I laugh everytime I see that photo of Verne and his whore. Poor guy looks like he’s the one about to be eaten.

  • Isn’t having your picture taken in a Red Lobster wearing a bib a form of porn in itself?

  • hmmm….first of all, douche bag senor loco, that’s NOT a red lobster bib, but THE LOBSTER, a high class seafood restaurant in santa monica. secondly, yes, i am sitting on a childs seat. and last but not least, she is, in fact, pulling my donkey kong underneath the table.

  • she is my favorite. Someone told me she is datting a young billlionaire on -“””””NYwealthyMatch . c o m”””. What kind of relationship she is looking for on that site? Long-term relationship or just a dating?

  • 2’8″??? c’mon people. the mechanics for them having sex are impossible. I would honestly be amazed if he was 2 inches hard. I guess 20 million will aliviate the fact that he’s hung like a Ken doll.

  • Thank you for the enlightenment, littleshit, I mean littlevern. So tell me, weren’t you suffering from vertigo while she had you propped way high up on that bar stool…or are you in just in a highchair without the tray?