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0The Afternoon Links


Well, James Franco isn’t very good at taking criticism [Lainey Gossip]

Anthony Mackie wants more diverse superheroes [ICYDK]

Attention: Heidi Klum is still topless [The Superficial]

Serena Williams is intimidating in a bikini [Celebslam]

Is Robert Pattinson dating Rita Ora now? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Barbara Palvin got naked for GQ Italy [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert aren’t breaking up yet [TooFab]

You should shut the fuck up and let Miley Cyrus heal [Celebitchy]

Selena Gomez shows off her legs in new ADIDAS shoot [Popoholic]

What do Neil Patrick Harris‘ kids think of his ‘Hedwig’ look? [Socialite Life]

Hercules & Love Affair have a GREAT new song [OMG Blog]

Lady Gaga‘s new video was pretty wasteful [PopBytes]

Apparently Columbus Short from ‘Scandal’ threatened murder [The Frisky]

Gwyneth Paltrow really is the luckiest [Fishwrapper]

Why won’t Lea Michele just go away? [theBERRY]

Tom Cruise is dating Laura Prepon, apparently [Lainey Gossip]

What’s Billy Bob Thornton been up to? [ICYDK]

Is everyone enjoying Christina Aguilera‘s pregnancy boobs? [The Superficial]

Sorry, but Kim Kardashian is no Audrey Hepburn [Celebslam]

Jessica Simpson‘s kids are like footballs to Eric Johnson [Bohomoth]

Is Kim Kardashian moving to Paris for a month? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Who’s excited for the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel? [TooFab]

Let’s look at Kym Marsh in a tiny dress [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Francia Raisa is one sexy lady, so enjoy [Moe Jackson]

Kris Jenner is just fine after her visit to hospital [Starpulse]

What’s with Madonna‘s fashion sense? [Socialite Life]

Here’s Olivia Wilde‘s bare ass in ‘Third Person’ [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Kirsten Dunst has never slept with a director, apparently [Celebitchy]

Hailey Clauson is your new beach bunny of the day [Popoholic]

Looks like Johnny Weir might divorce his husband after all [The Frisky]

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Theo James [theBERRY]

Katy Perry just got even cuter! [Fishwrapper]

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0The Morning Links

tom hardy

Tom Hardy doesn’t really have the newlywed glow [Lainey Gossip]

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant with her first child [ICYDK]

Oh no, John Travolta is a zombie [The Superficial]

Matt Bomer looks sexy, shows off some chest [Socialite Life]

Brooke Burke is filming a new commercial [Celebslam]

Kendra Wilkinson has got a really big baby bump [TooFab]

Sallie Axl is trying really hard to be sexy [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Here’s our first look at the new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’! [I'm Not Obsessed]

Emily Ratajkowski put her nipple on Instagram [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Who wouldn’t want to meet up with Alessandra Ambrosio? [Moe Jackson]

Nina Dobrev is dating another ‘Vampire Diaries’ star now [Celebitchy]

Kourtney Kardashian‘s kleavage is the klassiest [Fishwrapper]

This is Anne Hathaway in workout gear [Popoholic]

Paul Walker‘s mother has dropped her custody bid [Starpulse]

If you want to see Zac Efron and Seth Rogen show their penises, you’re in luck [The Frisky]

Lindsay Lohan won’t be getting a second season from Oprah [PopBytes]

Sky Ferreira says she’s not really a racist [OMG Blog]

Is Cressida Bonas about to join the royal family? [Lainey Gossip]

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about ‘Saved by the Bell’ [theBERRY]

Heather Graham is actually pretty flawless [ICYDK]

Victoria Beckham turned 40 and the world didn’t end [Bohomoth]

Here’s Irina Shayk on the beach with… pigs? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Would you want Paul Wesley to judge your film? [Socialite Life]

Oh no, Mischa Barton. Just no. [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Maitland Ward went pretty much naked on the red carpet [The Superficial]

Are we forgetting about Naomi Watts? [Celebslam]

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are still going strong [Moe Jackson]

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp already had their bachelor/ette parties [Celebitchy]

Oh look, it’s Amanda Seyfried out walking her dog [Popoholic]

Banksy‘s art is getting a little boring [The Frisky]

Is Courtney Stodden getting back with Doug Hutchinson? [Fishwrapper]

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0The Afternoon Links

charlie sheen brett rossi

Charlie Sheen‘s engagement party was more expensive than most weddings [Celebitchy]

Robert Downey Jr. has a Twitter account now [Lainey Gossip]

Jessica Simpson is looking so good these days [ICYDK]

Abbey Clancy looks way too hot in a bikini [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Adriana Lima has a nice pair of boobs on her [Celebslam]

Are you ready to be blown away by Lea Michele? [Fishwrapper]

Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend does topless sunbathing [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

You recognize these actors, but do you know their names? [theBERRY]

Looks like Jaden Smith got a new job! [PopBytes]

Kim Kardashian wants no more than three kids [Splash News Online]

Nope, still don’t like Sky Ferreira at all [OMG Blog]

Conan O’Brien gave himself American Hustle hair [The Frisky]

Taylor Swift has a boyfriend checklist, obviously [Moe Jackson]

Andy Cohen is going in on the Real Housewives [Bossip]

Why shouldn’t Heidi Klum go topless in Mexico? [Celebuzz]

Nicole Scherzinger went on a bootylicious dog walk [Popoholic]

Channing Tatum wants you to brace yourself for the ‘Magic Mike’ sequel [I'm Not Obsessed]

Kourtney Kardashian will never marry Scott Disick [Starpulse]

Kate Middleton‘s dress looks like a banana? [Bohomoth]

Mischa Barton still has it! [Fishwrapper]

Gigi Hadid is one sexy lady [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Kim Kardashian thinks she’s Audrey Hepburn now [Socialite Life]

Girls have it so easy, right? (No.) [The Blemish]

Emma Stone looked beautiful in Berlin [Celebitchy]

Jon Hamm brought his emotions to Sesame Street [The Frisky]

Gwen Stefani is out of the cave and back on the streets [Lainey Gossip]

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were making out at Coachella [ICYDK]

Dina Lohan is GUILTY! [Celebslam]

Mila Kunis and James Franco are in the ‘Third Person’ trailer [Moe Jackson]

Khloe Kardashian thinks French Montana is a “great guy” [Celebuzz]

James Maslow is a perfect ten, really [I'm Not Obsessed]

Adam Lambert is really grateful for his fans [Socialite Life]

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0The Morning Links


Are Charlize Theron and Sean Penn getting married? [Lainey Gossip]

Catherine Zeta-Jones has a new haircut and it’s awful [Celebitchy]

How did Emily Blunt just have a baby? [ICYDK]

Finally we’ve got some Pink bikini pics [Celebslam]

I think Ice Cube might be having a bit of a meltdown [PopBytes]

Let’s all pray for JWoww, okay? [Fishwrapper]

Emily Dindonato showed her boobs in a magazine [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

We’re all excited about the new Leprechaun movie, right? [OMG Blog]

What does Lady Gaga look like without Photoshop? [theBERRY]

Kym Marsh certainly knows how to dress [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel are heating up London [Moe Jackson]

Chingy apparently lost his record deal for dating a transsexual [Bossip]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are going on tour this summer [Celebuzz]

Admit it: Hilary Duff looks great in overalls [Popoholic]

Is Mila Kunis having a boy or a girl? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Why did Simon Cowell bring his baby to the beach? [Splash News Online]

Candice Accola knows how to wear a bikini [The Blemish]

This is how Emma Watson spent her 24th birthday [Socialite Life]

Brandy called off her engagement [Starpulse]

Would you wear Kendall Jenner‘s hoodie? [The Frisky]

Is Elizabeth Gillies winning the sexy selfie game? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Liv Tyler still eats carbs! Suck it! [Bohomoth]

Did Brad Pitt get caught in a gay scandal? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Taylor Swift is a full blown New Yorker now [Lainey Gossip]

Is Chelsea Handler really in the running to replace Craig Ferguson [Celebitchy]

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse are back together [ICYDK]

Karlie Kloss looks good in lingerie, by the way [Celebslam]

Orlando Bloom has a nice butt [OMG Blog]

Emma Stone has the saddest dress of all [Fishwrapper]

Looks like Paul Walker‘s brothers will complete ‘Fast & Furious 7′ [Moe Jackson]

Max Emerson is one sexy male model [Socialite Life]

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0The Afternoon Links

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan still gets fall-down drunk [Celebitchy]

I’m so into the Rihanna and Drake relationship [Lainey Gossip]

Shit got pretty crazy on ‘Game of Thrones’ this week [Socialite Life]

Michael Jackson’s kids don’t want to live with Debbie Rowe [ICYDK]

Someone glitter bombed the Kardashians [Celebslam]

Candice Swanepoel takes really hot selfies [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Lily Aldrige makes a really great model [Moe Jackson]

Did we forget about McKayla Maroney? [The Blemish]

Here’s the ‘Fault In Our Stars’ trailer! [I'm Not Obsessed]

Nick Cannon got destroyed on Twitter, finally [Bossip]

Here are Jennifer Lawrence’s best red carpet looks [Celebuzz]

Surprise, Jerry Lewis is a misogynist asshole [The Frisky]

Kanye West and Common created 20,000 jobs in Chicago [Starpulse]

Brad Pitt in a dress can’t be bad [theBERRY]

Emma Watson turned 24, if you can believe it [Popoholic]

Of course Lindsay Lohan caused drama for Elle Indonesia [PopBytes]

Watch Outkast’s full Coachella set, if that’s your thing [OMG Blog]

Alexander Skarsgard is a rather handsome man [Lainey Gossip]

Rashida Jones warns girls against provocative selfies [Celebitchy]

Goddamn, Charlie Hunnam, get it boy [Socialite Life]

Zooey Deschanel stopped by ‘Good Morning America’ this week [ICYDK]

Alex Pettyfer has a serious lack of boundaries [The Superficial]

Lake Bell got topless in ‘GQ’, of course [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Rita Ora can do the whole classy thing really well [Moe Jackson]

Has Kim Kardashian found her wedding venue in Paris? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Ice Cube feels robbed after losing to Paul Walker [Celebuzz]

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1The Morning Links


Cameron Diaz cleans up rather nicely, doesn’t she? [Lainey Gossip]

Ben Affleck’s first ‘Gone Girl’ trailer is here [Celebitchy]

Kate Middleton is an excellent cricket player [Socialite Life]

Michael Phelps is out of retirement and getting back to swimming [ICYDK]

Isn’t it fun when rich people pretend to be hippies? [The Superficial]

Minnie Driver is still wearing her bikini [Celebslam]

Vanessa Golub has done a hot new photoshoot [Moe Jackson]

Here are some scenes from that ‘Love & Hip Hop’ sex tape [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

US Airways didn’t mean to tweet that porn pic [The Blemish]

Nicole Scherzinger is gorgeous, in case you forgot [Popoholic]

Heidi Klum may have done a racist photo shoot [Bossip]

Bryan Cranston threatened a girl into going to prom with someone [Celebuzz]

Oh man, the new series of ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ is gooood! [TooFab]

RuPaul won’t be using transphobic language anymore [The Frisky]

Celebrities love hanging out together [theBERRY]

Uh, Leonardo DiCaprio should maybe not dance ever [PopBytes]

Christian Sanchez got naked just for you [OMG Blog]

Bryan Greenburg needs to avoid that tank top [Lainey Gossip]

Kim Kardashian sure does wear some ugly clothes [Celebitchy]

Aaron Paul is way too adorable for his own good [Socialite Life]

Vanessa Hudgens has blonde hair now [ICYDK]

Victoria Justice is still really beautiful [Celebslam]

So, Beyoncé is going to be Kim Kardashian’s bridesmaid? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Nick Carter sold his house and made a lot of money [Celebuzz]

Frances Bean Cobain even went to Coachella [TooFab]

Let’s celebrate more Spanish celebrities! [Starpulse]

Is this really Taylor Swift’s ass? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Ellen DeGeneres is the best at everything [theBERRY]



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