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Nicole Richie

1Quotables: Nicole Richie Remembers Paris Hilton ‘Fondly’

photo of nicole richie hot ocean drive magazine pictures photos pics
“I have fond memories of that time. I was doing a show with my best friend and we didn’t really have to do much. We were just being ourselves – and playing it up for the cameras.”

No, Paris didn’t die of complications sustained in a massive STD strike, Nicole‘s just talking about the days of yesteryear when she was about eighty pounds heavier, loaded up on coke and Coke and blue cheese all of the time, and getting arrested for driving the wrong way down a highway was the highlight of the week. Whee!

Also, I wonder if Paris is the least bit bitter that Nicole’s career has taken off way more than hers ever has – or will. I never really watched the show, but any time I did see it, it was like Paris was always kind of demeaning Nicole, even though they were “best friends.” Nicole was always the “fat” one, the “awkward” one, the one who never really fit in, no matter how many fruity alcoholic beverages she consumed and guys she blew. It was almost kind of sad to watch, and honestly, it’s probably pretty humiliating for Nicole to even talk about those days, though every interview she does probably wants to discuss it since it’s one of the, um, higher points of girlfriend’s career.

I don’t know about you, but other than hearing Richie’s a grand old bitch with a flair for the mean, she’s loads better than Paris – and loads better off too, and if that’s the lesser of two evils, I’ll totally take it.

Check out the photos from Nicole’s recent Ocean Drive photo shoot.

February 29, 2012 at 3:30 pm by Sarah
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18Nicole Richie Doesn’t Know How to Put On Makeup

A photo of Nicole Richie

When I first read that Nicole Richie has no idea about how to apply makeup, my first thought was “well, obviously.” She just looks so tired and run down these days, doesn’t she? And I know that she has small children and she used to enjoy illegal substances and all that, but can’t you like put some concealer under your eyes? Something?

But then I read that a professional does Nicole’s makeup for every appearance, and, well, now I don’t know what to think:

As a red carpet regular and House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate designer, Nicole Richieis a fashionista in every sense of the term. But when it comes to beauty, Richie admits she could use a few pointers. “I actually don’t know how to put on makeup—at all,” she told at a recent party for Dior Beaute. “I have to get it done every time I want to wear makeup. I do not know how to wear it at all. It’s so bad.” However, all is not lost: “I can do my own hair, but I can not do makeup. I don’t even own it. I only own undereye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler.”

Oh, one of the few products she owns is undereye concealer?  Huh.  Well, if that doesn’t just beat all.

Look, you guys, I have a confession to make. This post isn’t all about Nicole Richie and her inability to apply makeup. You didn’t think I would do a whole long story about how tired Nicole Richie looks, did you? No, this post is about how tired Nicole Richie looks AND how I want your advice.

When I did that story about the Kardashians getting their own line of fingernail polish, I asked you guys for some manicure tips, and you guys came through. You came through so hard. And don’t think I’m taking advantage of you now, but if you guys have some makeup tips, I would love them.

Do you know of a not-so-expensive eyeliner that stays put? I have a variety of eyeliners, waterproof and not, but no matter what, by the end of the day I always have these black smudges on the outside corner of my eye. It is the single most annoying thing about wearing makeup for me, which is tragic, because I really do enjoy wearing makeup. Sometimes.

And should I be wearing blush? A long time ago, I read that if you have round cheeks, you might want to avoid blush, and I like my freckles and don’t want to hide them, but is this something I should be doing?

And finally, we need to talk about lip stains. I got one a few months ago (I bought so much makeup from e.l.f. because each item was only a dollar and I was on a kick), and I really love it, but it still rubs off. Is there a lipstain, or any lip product, really, that stays put and doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount?

Thanks, friends!

January 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Emily
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3Nicole Richie: The Evolution

photo of hot nicole richie through the years 2011 pics

Nicole Richie was always one of those celebrities who fascinated me. When she was younger, I thought, “Man. This girl is going to have the world by the balls, since she’s Lionel Richie’s kid and all.” (Sorry, I was a product of the eighties, and being Lionel Richie’s kid during that decade must have been like having frigging Jem or Michael J. Fox as a parent.) Then, when she moved onto The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, I thought, “Ew. What a gross, self-indulgent, obnoxious twat,” and I felt sorry for Lionel. However? After she hit rock bottom riding in the metaphorical passenger seat of Paris’s hellbound freight car, battled a pretty severe eating disorder, then came into her own right and raised a perfectly lovely family, I have to say that my respect for Nicole has gone up, like, quadruple.

Check out the recent photos of Nicole at last night’s Sephora event, and the photos of Nicole through the years in the gallery.

August 24, 2011 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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0Tabloid Time: The National Enquirer Illustrates a Feud Between Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie

photo of nicole richie and jessica simpson feud pictures photos pics

From the Enquirer:

Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie are locked in an ugly feud on the set of their new reality show “Fashion Star,” insiders say.

“Producers thought pairing them on screen would mean lots of fireworks to attract viewers,” said the insider. “But their personalities don’t mesh at all. Behind the scenes, the set is a war zone.” [Also,] “Nicole is always ready to go, but Jess lingers in her dressing room, keeping every­one waiting and asking to do multiple run-throughs,” the insider divulged.

Then there’s their weight issues, which have the two poking fun at each other. Jess is carrying some extra pounds, while Nicole is run­way-skinny. “Nicole has made a few digs about Jessica ‘throwing her weight around,’ while Jes­sica has joked that someone would have to be on a star­vation diet to wear Nicole’s designs,” the insider said.

Hm. To believe or disbelieve – that is the question. I know that Nicole and Jess have supposedly had this long history of thinly-veiled animosity toward one another for whatever reason, but I really hope that the weight-digging back and forth isn’t true. I mean, first of all, Nicole Richie wasn’t always as skinny as she is now – and Jessica Simpson looks way better carrying those few extra pounds than Nicole ever did when she was heavier, but cracking jokes about someone’s weight who suffered an eating disorder is equally just as not cool.  I mean, some celebrities forget so easily where they came from, and guys? That’s pretty frigging sad.

Do you buy a word of it?

August 10, 2011 at 10:30 am by Sarah

4Love It or Leave It: Nicole Richie and Her Kids Go Goth

photo of nicole richie and her family all in black pictures photos

Nicole Richie and her absolutely adorable children were photographed out in LA earlier this week looking like they were on their way to a funeral. Or an art show. You know how those artsy-fartsy types supposedly like their black.

Seriously, though, I guess the look is kind of cute, right? I don’t know many mamas that deck their young children out in all-black, but it works on Harlow and Sparrow. Their mom is one fierce bitch, and she knows it works, too.

What do you guys think?

June 17, 2011 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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3Love It or Leave It: Nicole Richie’s Bleached Out Dome

photo of nicole richie blonde hair pictures

Oh Nicole Richie. What have you done? You were looking, like, so classy for the longest time and now you look like a backwoods hussy that used a lemon juice-peroxide mixture to lighten your hair while sitting on your plastic lawn furniture with your swollen ankles soaking in a kiddie pool.

Not cool, girl. Not cool.

January 14, 2011 at 9:00 am by Sarah
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