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They’re Finally Getting Married

Guess what, bitches? Three years and two kids later, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie are finally ready to make it official. Last night at a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman (due to air on Friday), Dave asked his guest Nicole if she and he man had gotten engaged yet. Although we’re pretty used to hearing the whole “we don’t feel the need to get married” bit out those those two, Nicole threw a curve ball and said, “We actually recently are engaged, yes.” I know that these two caught a lot of flack from people over the years because of their unconventional relationship, but I think that it’s beautiful that they’ve managed to end up where they’d hoped to be after two kids. Most would say that doing things that way is a sure to ruin things, but since marriage is all about teamwork and endurance, I’m glad that these two took their time to make 100% sure that they were the right fit.

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  • Wow! She has come a long way since her days of hanging out with hood rats! She is absolutley beaming. Can’t wait to see her gown. All the best Nicole Richie :-) You have earned it!

  • Yay! Another marriage sponsored by USWeekly and E! I hope it will be as special as Khloe, Amber, and Trista’s

  • Yeah, so it’s good that they waited to make sure they’re a right fit before they get married, but didn’t wait to make sure they’re a right fit before they had CHILDREN. Makes perfect sense.

      • Every single kid born in Hollywood is potentially doomed anyway. Growing up with self centered dysfunctional assholes with fame and money is a one way ticket to hell, bastards or not.

    • I was going to comment on that as well. It’s great that they waited to get married until they were sure, but it’d be nice if they could’ve been that responsible in terms of bringing children into this world as well.

      • I reckon it’s great they waited after the kids. Plenty of couples work great together until you throw in a couple of kids. At least now they know they’re also great parents and can handle the pressure of parenthood together. And they probably want their kids to share their special day.

        I don’t think there’s necessarily an order you have to follow. Do what ever the hell feels right. I reckon we should get rid of the term “Bastard” or change it’s meaning. Cos seriously, what is wrong with having kids before marriage. TELL ME?!

      • I was just waiting for someone to defend kids out of wedlock. Yes, whatever makes YOU feel good. Don’t bother with the impact on the kids. Don’t even try to tell me about that growing up in single-parent families (which is typically what happens when couples don’t marry) has no affect on children. I work in the system.

      • I am now 23 years old. 4 months ago, my dad went overseas and cheated on my mother. Not only did he cheated, but when my young brothers and I found out & told my mother, he confessed everything and blamed US KIDS. Saying that for the last 20+ years of his life he has done nothing but worked his ass off to raise us and only stayed with my mother for the sake of us, and now that he has met someone else who he actually loves he’s decided to leave, cos now we’re old enough to hear this.

        Let me tell you this. I, speaking as someone’s child, would so fucking prefer to be raised by a single parent then to have lived this long and find out I was a burden to my father!

        Sorry to get all personal but my fucking family falling apart is still affecting me and to see you respond like that pisses the fuck out of me!


  • Yawn- who cares? Congrats to to irrelvant people for doing the right thing and finally growing up. With all her contributions to society like The Simple Life, wierd headbands and costume jewelry, and crack and meth diets= we should all go by her example.