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Nicole Richie’s Probation Lifted For Good Behavior

Nicole Richie, who’s been on probation after receiving a DUI back in 2006, is finally a free woman. This morning her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley (who I would guess is the hardest working woman in Hollywood), went to court for the reality star and author and was able to convince the judge that her client no longer needed to be supervised. Her evidence was the glowing reports from Nicole’s alcohol education classes and the fact that she’s been in total compliance this entire time. You see, Lindsay? That’s how it’s done.

It’s kind of ridiculous to think that Nicole’s been on probation this entire time. In the last four years, she’s made a total about face. She’s a mom, a wife and a homebody now. I’d be shocked if we ever saw a repeat of her old behavior at this point.

Do you, girl!

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    • Right? When and how did that happen? But she is, she’s totally stunning. Here she looks like a luminous golden statue, but, like, alive.

      Serious changes from within, or something. It’s a beauty secret that has to be learned.

  • Nicole Richie is such an inspiration. She went from being a bad example to a good example of how to turn one’s life around.

  • You guys need a reality check. She drove while intoxicated the wrong way on a freeway. She should have served hard time like any one of us would have. That is special that she has turned her life around, but I don’t really see probation as much of a punishment for a selfish, irresponsible act that could have very easily killed or maimed innocent people. She should be thanking her lucky stars every day that she didn’t hurt anyone. That said, she does look pretty in this picture.