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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden: Still Going Strong!


The day after Christmas, a raven-haired Nicole Richie did some shopping with baby-daddy Joel Madden. It feels like these two will NEVER break up, and it’s getting to be a little frustrating. I know, I know. It has to happen sometime. I just need to be patient. Sometimes I wonder why they haven’t up and gotten hitched yet. Is there a combined 150-pound weight minimum for married couples in this country that I don’t know about? I mean, we do tend to be haphazard with our legislation in that area.

What are we thinking about Nicole’s new ‘do?

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  • Um… she couldn’t afford a tailor for those jeans? I guess this is fashionable? God, I’m old (ahem: 24).

    Nicole’s hair looks great. She has a darker complexion and I always felt blonde hair suited her. Hooray for new hair trends – California surfer chick beach blonde doesn’t work for everybody.

  • Damn it! It NEVER suited her, I mean.
    Grumble grumble grumble…

    Requesting an edit-button over here! :D

  • I have to apologize for my multiple posts with yet another post. I refreshed my browser several times but my replies didn’t show – until now that is.
    Sorry guys, I’ll shut up now! *scurries off into badly lit corner, tail betwixt legs*

  • “It feels like these two will NEVER break up, and it’s getting to be a little frustrating.”

    Umm they have two children. That’s really great that you want them to have a messy break-up for your own enjoyment.