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Jude and Sienna Splashing Around on Vacay [popbytes]

A Very Slipknot Christmas [cityrag]

Nick Cannon Plays Workhorse for Mariah [Celebslam]

Hollywood is having the best week ever. [Pajiba]

Alessandra Ambrosia is here to heat up Christmas. [IDLYITW]

Ivana Trump gets kicked off an airplane for acting like a psychopath. [Celebitchy]

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  • well like i didn’t get a chance to comment on the ‘heiring for the website’ post, i’ll do it here. i don’t think you need a blog to comment about shit, specially celebrity shit. and furthermore, i think your tone was bitchy and conceded. it’s a gossip blog u idiot, not a fucking newspaper… yet of course my insults are not are witty cause i don’t have a blog…

      • Weird that this comment comes from the same IP address as waa waaa. It’s like you people think I don’t know these things. At least you’re your own #1 supporter, dude.

    • there a coma after the well, and in its not ‘my insults are not are witty’ but AS. just in case u wanted to bitch about my writing skills

  • Umm….I have written blogs, I was the editor in chief of a rather large home design website for 5 yrs (no names please)…but I would never be conceited enough to think that I had the balls to step in to these shark-infested waters! Can’t tell if waa waaa is ‘conceding’ that he/she can’t spell (or use, or if that post was tongue in cheek.

    I just want to say that Sienna’s bathing suit is quite possibly the ugliest thing I’ve see for awhile!

    Carry on Beet.

    • Agreed! Could it be from the Jessica Simpson “Daisy Duke” line we never heard nor cared about?

      Also, Jude Law (apart from the still weird receding hairline) is actually looking kinda yummy in those swim trunks. Even with the fur, which I don’t generally tend to like on a man.

      Oh and screw you waa waaa. She does this as her day job. You take two minutes to post a shoddy review and you can’t even do it properly. Go find someone else to terrorize, hmm?

    • “Stealing formatting?” You mean like “doing a link exchange?” Because, yeah, the Superficial totally invented that shit. Dumb bitch.

  • So I’m not sure if the Superficial invented “doing a link exchange” nor do I care. I am however damn sure that they were doing it loooong before you…to me that would be “stealing formatting.” Dumb bitch.