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Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Wore Redface and People Aren’t Too Happy About It

This is a tough story to write for several reasons. One, I really love Michelle Williams and think she’s lovely and a wonderful actress and all that. Two, I really, honestly don’t believe there was a single racist motivation behind this photoshoot for the British publication AnOther magazine, which sees her dressed in “redface” – you know, Native American garb. Mind you, lack of intention doesn’t negate the fact that something is wrong and/or offensive, which is the point writers over at Jezebel were trying to make when they called out the mag – and Michelle herself – earlier this week, writing, “Just as Blackface is never okay, Redface is never okay. Ever.”

Right, I feel you on that – we can’t pick and choose on what counts as racist and what doesn’t and we should be consistent across the board, though I personally find it really hard to be as offended by this as I would someone in Blackface. Why is that? I have no idea. Perhaps that’s a societal thing, since Native American oppression and treatment has long been kept sorta under wraps in comparison. It’s definitely not right, it’s just what happens.

In any case, AnOther made a statement in response to Jezebel’s piece apologising for any offense caused and clarifying their intention for the photoshoot:

“The image… is one of a suite of images taken from inside the magazine, presenting Ms Williams in a series of eight different imaginary characters. All the characters in the story were inspired by multiple fashion and cultural references, characters and eras, as well as by our admiration of Ms Williams as one of the most respected and talented actresses of her generation.”

I’m inclined to read this as sincere. It’s also difficult to question whether people think too big of a deal is being made by this because chances are, most of us are white people who don’t have to deal with cultural or racial oppression on a daily basis. Still, I wonder if this wasn’t sensationalised just a little and question where we draw the line between artistic expression and cultural appropriation/racism.

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are Done

michelle williams jason segel broke up

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up. They kept their relationship quiet and I think this break-up came as a shock to many, in the, “Whoa, they were together?” sense. Unless you read Evil Beet, that is. They’ve been together since March of 2012 and were seen together as recently as early January.

Us Weekly reports,

Their romance couldn’t survive the long distance. (Williams lives in New York with daughter Matilda, 7, while Segel is based in Los Angeles, where his CBS sitcom is filmed.)

Reportedly Segel was getting along swimmingly with Ms. Williams’ daughter 7 year-old daughter, Matilda. (Matilda’s dad is the late Heath Ledger.)

“He’s been doing all sorts of ‘dad stuff‘ with her, like drawing and playing music,” [an] insider said.

By that definition I guess every babysitter I’ve ever had was a dad.

No but seriously, they seemed like a cute and happy couple and I hope they both find joy soon again.

Michelle Williams’ Daughter Matilda Is Very Excited for ‘Oz, The Great and Powerful’

Michelle Williams is adorable, so it only stands to reason that her daughter Matilda – who she had with the late Heath Ledger – is also adorable. Michelle has always spent a lot of time with Matilda and taken her to movie sets wherever possible, and Oz, The Great and Powerful is no exception. Turns out, she’s pretty excited to see the film now because she knows what’s going to happen and wants to see it all come together on the big screen.

From People:

“She’s dying to see it. She’s very excited,” the Oz The Great and Powerful star, 32, told PEOPLE during its Wednesday premiere in Hollywood.

“[Director Sam Raimi] really welcomed her on set and he made a very kid-friendly space. She witnessed so much of it being made so she’s really excited to see it come together.”

An avid fan of the original The Wizard of Oz, the 7-year-old has been known to skip over the scarier scenes — “She runs out of the room when … the baboons start to fly,” says Williams — but promises to be brave for the newest flick.

“She said, ‘Mommy, don’t worry, I won’t be scared because I know how everything happens,” says the actress.

I always wonder what kids of celebrity parents must think about their careers. Most stars say that their kids don’t really “get it” and that to them, they’re just Mom or Dad, not such and such the Hollywood actress or whatever. I love this kid. I love that Jason Segel loves this kid. I love everything about this little makeshift family and I don’t know why but I don’t think it matters.