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New Couple Alert: Michelle Williams and … Jason Segel?

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Oh. My God. I love this. I love this! Lainey Gossip has got the exclusive gossip that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel might be doing things together – and maybe even each other! Do you NOT love this? How could you not love this? Check out the news:

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel looked like they were on a date last week at Chateau Marmont. At first they were there with Busy Phillips. Busy left early. Michelle and Jason stayed on their own for a few hours after. She was in great spirits. He made her laugh a lot. They drank several glasses of wine, she chained off several cigarettes, seemed very relaxed, and happy.

He paid at around 1:30am and was convincing her to stay out. She kept protesting like it was too late and he was all – what? This is early! And after giggling together, she seemed to agree. The two exited together through the side …

Apparently Jason lives right behind the hotel. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Wow. Like I said, I just love it! I really never get excited like this over a coupling, but this? It’s just awesome. I want these two to be together forever, and Jason could be little Matilda’s doting little stepdad and take her and her dollies for ice cream dates, and they could have more children and take them for pizza in quaint towns in the summertime and they could vacation at quiet mountain resorts and raise their children under the radar and have grandbabies and grow old together and die just like Allie and Noah did in The Notebook? Wouldn’t that be just GREAT? I AM LOVING THIS SO HARD.

Oh, and I hope it’s all true, too, you know. I mean, obviously.

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  • Objection! I love them both individually but they just won’t work. They’re no Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell–analogous to the thought of a peanut butter and sharp cheddar cheese sandwich as not working when it actually does, and quite well. Michelle and Jason would be like pouring Dr. Pepper into coconut curry. Let the record simply show, “Scout: No.”

  • Aww. I love that someone could make this always sad lady laugh. Hard to see them as a romantic couple, or him as a stepdad, but who knows.

  • it is a slightly odd pairing, but I like it. She has been alone & sad for so long it seems. And he appears to be a good guy, so I’m for it!

  • This would be one of those couples where each individual on its own is great, but together they’d be mega. I’d love for that to be true, that would be just perfect.