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Wait … Is There Going to be a Dawson’s Creek Reunion?

photo of dawson's creek cast pics
From Vulture:

… Williams was willing to commit more fully to our questions about a possible Dawson’s Creek reunion — or, at least, she was open to the idea, once we asked her about Don’t Trust The B– In Apartment 23 and told her that James Van Der Beek was willing. “He has my e-mail!” she responded, laughing. “He has my home phone, and my cell phone, so we talk … ” And that means she’d do the show, if he called? “He could totally ask! I’ve always said, I’m totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that. I’ve always wanted, my best friend [Busy Philipps] is on Cougar Town, and we’ve always talked about wanting to go be on that show, too. It’s just timing, because of L.A. and New York, and it hasn’t happened.” Your move, Van Der Beek!

Wow! Wouldn’t this be awesome if it happened?

This’ll be the biggest thing that’s happened to James Van Der Beek since … since … since, I don’t know, that movie he did for SyFy, The Storm! Which I, incidentally, watched this past week, because I went DV-R crazy with crappy made-for-TV disaster movies because I love them!

This’ll be the biggest thing since for Joshua Jackson since Diane Kruger took pity on his ugly ass and decided that she wanted to bone him for an extended period of time!

This’ll be the best thing that’s happened to Katie Holmes since she found out that her husband Tom Cruise is actually a robot created by the Church of Scientology, and because he’s some kind of weird droid, in legal terms, this means her marriage is not legally binding! … Wait, you mean that didn’t happen yet? OK, sorry—jumping the gun a little bit here, but it’s just all the excitement, I swear.

Would you guys totally love a DC reunion or what?

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  • That’d be rocking! But uhhmm, Michelle Williams’ character died in the finale. Good luck, Kevin Williamson.

  • you are a bitch!! how dare you talk about people like that!!

    Joshua Jackson is the cutest most talented guy!

    what have you done since ..well ever you bitch!!

  • aww, I always kinda liked Pacey. I definitely found him more attractive than Dawson.
    I stopped watching the show before it uh.. what.. she died?? wth.. now I have to find the finale & check it out. lol

  • i LOVE pacey. i dig the choices joshua has made. he seems happy, like he’s doing whatever he wants. he never seemed very sold on the whole hollywood thing.

    a dc reunion would blow my mind. so so onboard with this.

    creek life.