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Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Are Definitely Dating

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I’m so glad this is a true thing. So glad. Because now Michelle Williams has a nice man in her life who can take her to the places she deserves to go, and frankly, Matilda deserves to have a good, stable father figure in her life, too. The above and below photos are exclusive to Us magazine, who has even more details about the new couple’s shacking-up-ness.

From Us:

The demure three-time Oscar nominee, 31, has fallen for longtime pal Jason Segel, a source confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. “They are smitten and very serious,” the source says of the My Week With Marilyn star and Segel, 32. (The actress split from Heath Ledger five months before his death in 2008.)

The unexpected new couple was photographed taking a romantic stroll after a meal at Frankie’s Spuntino in Brooklyn March 24. “He put his arm around her and made her laugh as they walked,” says a witness. “[They] seemed very relaxed.”

The next day, How I Met Your Mother star Segel was snapped bonding with Matilda, Williams’ 6-year-old daughter, as she went for a ride on her scooter.

Friends for years through Williams’ BFF and Segel’s Freaks and Geeks costar Busy Philipps, their relationship only recently turned romantic.

They dined (and giggled) at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont Feb. 27, and then shared supper at West Hollywood’s Comme Ca March 16.

Although they live on different coasts, the Brooklyn-based actress and L.A. denizen are “trying to make it work,” the source says. “She hasn’t been this happy in a long time.”

So nice, right? Isn’t it nice that we, despite all of the celebrity-related f-ckery that surrounds us on a daily basis, can moon over a nice, nice couple? Because they’re nice, guys. They’re really, really nice. I haven’t been this excited about a celebrity pairing in I don’t know how long, and it’s A NICE THING, let me tell you. (These guys are really nice together, I guess that’s the gist of what I’m saying, if you’re picking up what I’m laying down.)

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  • This makes me so happy! I love both of them, and they look happy together -I hope they will get privacy to explore this new relationship =)

  • i really like this. so good. i never care about this stuff but i like them. i wonder if they will have super powers now.