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Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman Are Nude in the Shower If You Care About That Kind of Thing

photo of michelle williams and sarah silverman nudes pictures
And I know probably most of you do, since a lot of our search engine traffic comes from the nudie pics we just love to throw around like dollar bill-rain on seedy strippers.

The photos (which are obviously NSFW and after the jump) show Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman, and some other well-endowed chick in some full-frontal, rather bushy nudity while they lather up and rinse in a community shower. The stills are from their movie, ‘Take This Waltz’, which we’ve talked about here on the site for just how generally sucky it looks.

Michelle has a cutesy little body and natural bazongas, and in all of the photos she keeps her arms raised up over her head—the international sign for “I was pregnant once and my tits have never been the same so I keep my arms up high to make ’em less saggy looking” (believe me, I KNOW)—and Sarah’s tits are surprisingly nice, though the rest of her body looks like a grandmother’s, save for the fact that there’s nary a wrinkle in sight.

Jump in to see the full-frontals, and here’s a hint: click on the photo to enlarge it to epic proportions.

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  • RUN , MICHELLE !!!!!


    NO !!! I MEAN FOR DINNER !!!

  • I care about nude women in the shower, just not necessarily these women. As annoying and unfunny as Silverman is, I must say she has nice tits — not much of an ass, though.



  • Silverman gained 20lbs to do the film at the director’s request. (wanted ‘real’ women). If that’s 20lbs heavier, what in the world did she look like before?

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