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Iggy Azalea

Azealia Banks drags Iggy Azalea through the mud on race issues

iggy azalea azealia banks

Iggy Azalea, noted pseudo-southern (by way of Australia) rapper (because she was a failed popstar) and Azealia Banks, noted crazy yet talented artist, have never been friends. Azealia has always taken issue with Iggy’s appropriation of black culture – and presumably her lack of any recognizable talent – and Iggy has always sorta cowered in the corner when Azealia comes for her and starts preaching peace and unity because she clearly realises there’s no fighting that level of insanity.

Anyhoo, Azealia has gone in on Iggy yet again, this time for Iggy’s lack of outrage over the recent wave of messed up shit happening to black people. The lack of prosecution against Darren Wilson in Ferguson, the failure to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for choke-holding 43-year-old Eric Garner TO DEATH despite the fact that, among other things, chokeholding is illegal, etc. The list goes on and on. Azealia’s point is that it’s super cool for Iggy to take on all the “cool” parts of black culture but when shit gets real, she stays quiet. Uh oh…

azealia banks twitter

This is going to get long, so throwing the rest (including Iggy’s kumbaya response) behind a cut…

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Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea – ‘Booty’ (Make it stop!)

jennifer lopez iggy azalea booty

Here it is, ladies and gents – the video you certainly weren’t waiting for and probably had no idea existed. It’s Jennifer Lopez‘s new video for her song ‘Booty’, featuring Iggy Azalea. Everything about this is horrendous: the fact that a 44-year-old mother of two small children still feels the need to compete with 2o-something pop stars by singing about her ass, the fact that she felt the need to use Iggy Azalea (which… don’t get me started there), the fact that the song would be shit no matter who sung it… you get my drift.

Also, before anyone gets all up in arms, I’m not saying 44-year-old women/mothers can’t be sexy, get their ass out, whatever they want. I’m saying this is clearly a DIRECT result of her need to compete with the younger girls (who are hot messes in their own right), which I think is sad. She’s earned her fame and her name and doesn’t need to resort to this shit. Because it is shit.

But here, please judge for yourself:

I love me some J.Lo, but she needs to get a grip with this shit. We get it: you’ve got a nice ass, it’s been a major part of your career, you enjoy it and men and women looking at it do, too. But… girl, no. Seriously, full props for having an INCREDIBLE body for any age, but sit down.

Also, please get Iggy’s NON-ass out of here stat. She looks SO awkward and out of her element… most likely because she is.

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Iggy Azalea’s sex tape is real, but she might have been underage when it was made

hefe wine iggy azalea

So, Iggy Azalea insisted that the sex tape Vivid has hold of and wants to put out is totally fake, but the man in the tape with “her” says she’s full of shit: the tape is real, Iggy knew about and she was totally at the age of legal consent. Apparently there were some concerns that she was underage when the tape was shot, but that doesn’t look to be the case.

From TMZ:

Houston rapper Hefe Wine is confirming he’s the one in the video being shopped to Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch. TMZ broke the story … Iggy’s camp says she never consented to the video being shot and she might have been under 18 at the time.

But Hefe says he didn’t even meet Iggy until her 18th birthday. He adds, Iggy is “100% fully aware” of the fact they shot the sex tape.

He denies sending the sex clip to Vivid, saying his computer was stolen a couple months ago — but also makes it clear he’s interested in cutting a deal for the video to be released. He shouldn’t hold his breath — Iggy would have to sign off too, and that seems very unlikely right now.

The rapper claims he’s still tight with Iggy — and to prove it … he says he’s about to put out a new single featuring her.

Oh, dear. To be honest, I kinda figured the tape was real, but that’s neither here nor there. Why is it that people think they can capitalize on what was a PRIVATE moment between two people who made this as something personal in their relationship? Sure, I don’t understand what on earth would ever make you want to make a sex tape, but no shade here – do what you do. But to then try to humiliate and exploit a girl who is NOT a porn star and in fact was just getting it on with a dude she was presumably seeing at the time just seems really, really scummy.

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Did Iggy Azalea make a sex tape?

iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea is hot shit at the moment, so of course people want to capitalize on her name by any means necessary. For instance, Vivid Entertainment claims they have a sex tape featuring Iggy with an ex-boyfriend, and they’re willing to pay seven figures for it. However, Iggy says it’s not her so there’s no deal.

“It is categorically not Iggy Azalea in the video in question. She has never been involved in any sexually explicit recordings,” Azalea’s rep wrote in an email to HuffPost Entertainment.

Well, lots of people think they haven’t and have been secretly taped, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish (and a major crime, no less). Anyway, Iggy is pretty generic looking, so obviously this is probably a lookalike and people need to calm the hell down. Iggy wanted to speak up herself about things, though, so she hit up Twitter, as you do, to set the record straight:

Iggy Azalea sex tape

Iggy Azalea sex tape

I never really thought I’d say this in life, but I agree with Iggy. It’s really disgusting how people are trying to profit off of women’s sexuality by exploiting them – whether true (like the case with JLaw’s hacked nudes) or otherwise.

Watch Iggy Azalea Fall Off The Stage


Iggy Azalea is so fancy she can’t even keep herself on the stage. The Katy Perry collaborator was singing her big ass hit, “Fancy”, at an MTV Video Music Awards benefit concert when she lost sight of where she was going and fell off the stage. According to the Mercury News, she got right back up and told the audience she felt “very blessed” that she didn’t break anything.

She even posted a video of the fall on her Instagram, with the caption, “Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed. #StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn”. Here it is:

Man, she doesn’t have the best of luck performing this song at big venues. I remember when she was singing/rapping/whatevering this on Dancing with the Stars and had mic problems and could barely get through it.

Anyway, since she’s okay and laughing about it, I figured, why not join in? It’s fun to watch celebrities fall down. Don’t even deny it.

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Katy Perry wrote Iggy Azalea’s new single, ‘Black Widow’

katy perry iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea is THE WORST and pretty much everything wrong with the world, but people seem to really love her despite her racist and homophobic bullshit, so there’s that. ‘Fancy’ has become the unofficial song of the summer to some, she’s had massive success as a featured artist on Ariana Grande‘s hit single ‘Problem’, and now she’s about to release a new track with Rita Ora called ‘Black Widow’, which was written by none other than Katy Perry. Considering it has a super ‘Dark Horse’ vibe, I’m not at all surprised.

From Mix FM:

“Katy Perry said to me, ‘Hey I’ve got this song, I’ve been writing and I think you should do it. I just keep picturing you on it,’” Iggy explains to ABC News Radio. “That’s how my collaboration with her kind of began: first we had a friendship and then she wrote something that she had me in mind for. And, being that her album was already out, I said, ‘Will you let me have this for my album?’” Iggy laughs, “And she did me the kindness!”

I’m sure this will be a hit and everything, but Katy, come on girl. Get some standards.

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week 9-23 To 9-29

courtney stodden blue pleather dress

Courtney Stodden is back from her Big Brother UK stint. Hooray! I know we’re all so happy!

We’re coming off of Emmy’s week, where celebs have already worn their best stuff and are now getting back to their regular celeb lives. Let’s take a look at the best, worst, and WTF of the week. Because sometimes you just want to look at photos of celebs and admire what they’re wearing or say shit about them.

This time I’m asking YOU: which look do you think is the best, worst, and most WTF?

courtney stodden los angeles

Just had to show you Courtney’s full look. You’re welcome. Did she get more surgery while she was there?

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