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Iggy Azalea Is Making A Book

iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea is like a housefly. No matter how much poison you spray, no matter how much you swat her away, she’s still there, buzzing incessantly and spreading bacteria everywhere. This woman will just NOT GO AWAY, and I don’t understand why. How much more do you have to be told you’re not wanted before you’re finally blasted into obscurity for you to accept it and move on? Go back to Australia, girl. Sit in your nice, comfy suburb with your cultural appropriation money and chill forever so we never have to hear from you. But no, Iggy doesn’t want to do that. Instead, she’s going to release a book. Say what?

From WENN:

Her friend Brock Fetch was taking pictures at the tour rehearsals to use in the program, but since it has been scrapped, Azalea has decided to release the behind-the-scenes snaps in a picture book.

She announced on Twitter, “I’m (sic) making a book. I guess you could say it’s a coffee table book… it’s all pictures… my friend Brock Fetch has been taking them for me… It all started with the tour, we planned to use them in the program BTS (behind the scenes) stuff from the set build etc I thought would be interesting.

“Obviously the tour isn’t (sic) happening but Brock and I figured that shouldn’t (sic) mean we stop documenting stuff. BTS of life not just the stage… I love all the old authentic, warm, candid pictures that make you feel like you could close your eyes and be there.”

So… she’s legitimately that narcissistic and clueless that she literally thinks people want a book full of pictures of her face? Lawd… no words.

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  • i wouldn’t expect her to be capable of actually writing a book. Maybe she is able to place captions underneath chosen candid pics.

    • Well put. But, also, I’d go easy on the cultural appropriate issue (not you, Jennifer), since that’s been gettin’ done since the mid fifties. At this point, at least those very early artists have gotten their contributions noticed and appreciated, if not paid for directly. Somehow what Elvis appropriated from Bess Smith is more appealing than whatever Iggy Azalea’s flogging.