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Iggy Azalea Is Sorry She’s A Racist Homophobe

iggy azalea

So, Iggy Azalea has already had to cancel her tour since no one wants to pay to see her stupid ass, but it seems the world’s “no, thank you” response extends to free occasions, as well, as she’s now pulled out of her scheduled performance at Pittsburgh Pride because, you know, she’s said way too much racist and homophobic bullshit in her day for people to be happy about that gig.

Things got so bad that even Pittsburgh City Council President Bruce Kraus spoke out against Iggy’s inclusion and groups started pulling out from the Pride festivities over it. So, Iggy had to pull out, and this is the message she posted to her “fans” (how she still has them is beyond me) on Twitter:

iggy azalea pittsburgh pride

Okay, whatever. If you want a full archive of some of the bullshit that’s come out of this girl’s mouth (fingertips), here ya go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you your brain cells will die.

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