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Karrueche Tran Is Not Buying Chris Brown’s Bullshit Anymore

chris brown karrueche tran

Just last week, Chris Brown was giving an interview about how much he still loves Karrueche Tran but he’s gotta concentrate on being a good father to his daughter (that was conceived during one of the many occasions he was cheating on Karrueche), but now Karrueche has hit back and called bullshit on the whole thing, and it seems like she may have finally learned her lesson and won’t be going back anytime soon… at least here’s hoping.

Here’s how it all went down. First, Chris responded to a video someone posted of an interview Karrueche did in which she was obviously asked about her relationship with him. She didn’t even say anything all that damning, considering, but he was still a baby about it:

chris response
Karrueche was tired of hearing his shit, though, since he was basically saying that she had nothing to talk about without him, so she responded on her own Instagram page:

karrueche instagram

Fair enough, right? She called this asshole out for his shit, but ended it on a somewhat positive note. And if I’d been through even 1/10th of what she’s put up with from Chris, I would have been airing his ass out FAR more than that. But Chris, ever oblivious, obviously wanted to pretend he hadn’t seen that, as that next thing he did was post this:

chris brown karrueche tran

Oh God, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Karrueche, girl, I’ve been trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t do it to yourself. Walk away and NEVER LOOK BACK.

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