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Iggy Azalea complains about being “stereotyped”

iggy azalea

Have you ever seen such a spectacular display of ignorance in your life? Iggy Azalea – cultural appropriator and racist of the ages – has actually complained in a new interview about being “stereotyped” by people calling her out for putting on a fake Southern accent and basically being a caricature of whatever she thinks black people are supposed to be like in her warped ass Australian mind. I mean, guys, HOW COULD YOU?

iggy azalea twitter

iggy azalea twitter

iggy azalea twitter

LOL uhhhh… in what way is Iggy Azalea “complex”, “multidimensional” OR “interesting”? She’s giving advice she doesn’t follow herself. Second of all, she honestly is so dumb, she doesn’t understand the irony of her own rant. It’s totally okay for her to stereotype black people and culture and pretend to be part of it, but when actual black artists like Eve and Jill Scott (at whom this rant seems to have been directed) comment on how she should, you know, be HERSELF instead of pretending to put on an accent and take on characteristics she sees as appropriate for rap culture, then SHE is being stereotyped? The ignorance astounds.

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  • Can. Life be any more ironic lmfao dayum. Shed be way more complex and interesting if she rapped and acted in her Austrailian voice.

  • As for rapping in an accent, everyone used to sing in whatever accent was cool at the time (country singers drawl that the eff up, in the 50s and 60s during the British wave everyone used to cockney-borrow, also Green Day), but dang if she shouldn’t know better than to get into stereotype finger pointing

  • I’m sorry, but telling someone, ANYONE, that they can’t do something, like that they don’t have the right to sing with a certain accent, all because of their skin color – isn’t that racist?

      • Are you really that ignorant? Prejudice based on someone’s race – whatever race – is racism. But maybe you should look it up before you say anything stupid like this again.

      • Considering that racism is, historically, white people treating any non-white person like absolute shit (and that’s the nicest form of it), yes, I’m sticking by that. Please tell me when white people have been systematically held down in comparison to black people, for instance? When an entire society has been set up to keep white people down? I mean, come on. Can a non-white person say shitty things about a white person? Sure, but white people have been top dog throughout history and have made sure anyone of any other skin colour has known it, so I stick by what I said.

      • That is really how you feel? Any sort of prejudice against someone based on the color of their skin and their ethnicity is racism – whatever that may be.

      • You, right there, determining that a white woman should sound like her race. That’s racism against a white person. Just because white people have a history of racism against many other rsces, doesn’t mean you can’t treat them the same way. The whole point is equality. And telling someone they can’t do something because of their race goes against it. Everyone should be free to be whomever they are. Iggy says that’s her. How can you possibly be sure otherwise? Because she was born in Australia and had an accent and a white face, she should do things the way Australian white people do? She and absolutely everyone in the world should be able to decide freely what they want to sound like and what they want to do. No matter the skin color, the race, the nationality. Equality in the right to be whomever you are at heart. We shouldn’t be slaves to the stereotype of our races. I’m with Iggy.

      • I think some one needs to do some research on racism… to think you cant be “racist” to a white person is complete ignorance.

      • I dont think ppl care about her being a white girl rapping. Its a white austrailian girl trying to talk like a southern black. Had she come up using her natural voice I’m sure things would be different . But she has a different. Voice. And changes. It!!that. Changes. Everything

  • Really Jennifer? no wonder this readership is plummeting. As mentioned, Anti-Semitism?

    And, given how educated you present yourself as being, and down with pop-culture throughout the ages, ever heard of “No Irish, No Blacks, No dogs” ?

    But I suppose you are right, because ALL white histories are the same, because WE are all the same (but a generalization or “belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race” is in NO WAY racism) Scottish history (see: the clearances), Swedish History, Greek History, English History, and French History are all interchangeable, given their pigmentation.

    Given this, I assume it goes both ways, and, based on that logic, the history of the Igbo, Zulu, and the Twa also share the same history and experiences as people of similar pigmentation in say, the Southern United States.

    And it seems you would be a surface observer when it comes to racial identity, so, by your standards, my Red-Haired Green-Eyed cousin who is 1/4 First Nations (her grandmother a former residential school student) has her history erased because her pigmentation leaned more to her Scandinavian roots.

    But ALL white people have a colonial history, and every white person belongs to a colonialist narrative. (read: sarcasm).

    I guess we won’t get into the neo-imperialism of Chinese business in Zimbabwe. (but I guess Asians can’t be racist, in terms of exploitation and displacement of African people, because they are non-white, gosh darn)

    Why don’t you continue on and tell us how slavery is exclusively a white problem? Then you can brush up on your Ethiopian history.

    Anything you have tried to do to voice (much needed) public concern about racial inequality (that I am in no way denying exists, and have studied extensively for years) has been completely negated by your ignorant comments.

    I really hope Sasha isn’t watching what a joke you are turning this site into. This reader (here since the beginning) is out, but given the mass exodus seen in all the entries you author, you wont notice much.

    And I don’t expect a response, because you’re too proud to ever admit you maybe misspoke.

    Two ears, one mouth.

    • Thanks for the history lesson, Anon. Definitely needed this very important lesson – and I was totally displaying all of my historical knowledge and examining all the intricacies of race and ethnicity here on a CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE.

      For the record, my comment that you can’t be racist against a white person was, perhaps, misspoken. I’m talking about a larger cultural context that exists today, particularly in America, where black and brown people are incarcerated at much higher rates, are killed by white people who go unpunished, who are much more likely to experience lower education levels and higher levels of poverty ,etc. Again, this is a MUCH larger conversation more appropriate for an academic classroom than a celebrity gossip site, so I do take your point, but I also stick by mine (albeit needing to explain it more). Either way, thanks for stopping by!

      • Well, Jennifer, given your response to Laura, where you stated “historically, white people treating any non-white person like absolute shit (and that’s the nicest form of it), yes, I’m sticking by that. Please tell me when white people have been systematically held down in comparison to black people”, right there, you brought in history. So I suppose you can bring it up, but you cannot be questioned on it. And, by capitalizing CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE you really made a thinly veiled attempt to trivialize some facts you had outright denied when Laura pressed you. A basically “well, you’re stupid” response to your personal ignorance demonstrated.

        You injected your opinion on feminism in
        1. An article on Maisie Williams
        2. An article about Evangeline Lilly
        3. Multiple references to Emma Watson in praise (but nothing about her own white upper class privilege to say what she says)
        4. An article about Miley and how “she totally doesn’t get what feminism is about ATALL” – where you could’ve taken the opening you gave to give a quick sidebar on a generalized term for feminism or an article you personally thought took a great take on it (doesn’t need to be academic, non academics still have great voices) (you could’ve even mentioned your co-editors Catherine’s article – and link it in hopes of generating more site traffic-, if you agreed with her sentiments, but you didn’t)

        yet, in an article about Kaley Cuoco you stated “how ignorant is this chick? Like, “I was never that feminist girl demanding equality”? Uh… at least she has the sense to realize that she’s pretty fucking privileged, considering she’s a white girl with blonde hair from an upper class family – what equality did she need to demand? It’s a privilege that she doesn’t have to think about it, but just because something hasn’t touched you personally”

        Its funny that HERE you decide to point out white privilege, in reference to a celebrity you dislike, yet not in the Watson case. I guess Watson’s privilege doesn’t factor because you like her voice (for the record, I think many wonderful women could have delivered that speech from a multitude of different backgrounds and vocations, yet Emma got the place because she is easily accessible to the public, and easy for the youngins to latch on to, why not someone like Chimamanda Adichie? But they were going for the youth, so perhaps someone closer to Watson in age)

        Now, why all this talk about feminism, specifically your flavour of feminism? Well, in your response you stated “in America, where black and brown people are incarcerated at much higher rates, are killed by white people who go unpunished, who are much more likely to experience lower education levels and higher levels of poverty”

        If we are talking about incarceration and structural/systematic inequality, and you write so often on feminism, why aren’t you talking about the spiraling issue of incarceration of women? In many forms, not shy of women being given disturbing prison sentences for defending themselves against domestic violence? Throw in a Dr. Angela Davis reference, she was famous in Popular Media back when she was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list (with that you’ve got feminism, racial inequality, and the incarceration nation all in one fell swoop.)

        But you pick and choose when you are going to go ‘academic’ and when this remains just a CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE. (Just a gossip site that you can use as your personal podium to state your social and political beliefs – yet objectors beware)

        However, I’ll give that with your (snarky) acknowledgement of misspeaking that you’ve shown more humility than most readers would believe you capable.

        And again, for the records sake, I agree with you that there is a disgusting phenomenon occurring where people are being assaulted, imprisoned, and murdered with no repercussions to the assailant regardless of how much media attention, and first hand footage exists of the assault. It is deplorable what is being swept under the rug in public view. In my country, a similar crisis is occurring with First Nations women. The idea that any life is more valuable or worthy of protection is bereft of logic and human decency.

      • The only thing I really have to say to this is that I’m rather flattered that you’ve read so much into the posts here. I will always stick by the fact that this is a celebrity gossip site, because… well, that’s what it is. Also, I’m a human being, just like you, just like Laura, just like Miley Cyrus, just like whoever else. As humans, that means we have lots of contradicting opinions. I’m not here to impart historical knowledge, but this also isn’t NBC news, so I’m obviously going to put my opinions in on things. Are my opinions always the “right” ones? No, but they’re MY opinions, so obviously I think they’re right (or otherwise I wouldn’t have them). Doesn’t mean I don’t contradict myself at times (or say things that seem like contradictions in others’ eyes), just as all of us do. That’s really all I have to say to this, and again, seriously, thanks for your feedback. Even if it has nothing to do with the site and is more a thinly veiled personal attack, I’m a grown ass woman and can take it, so it’s all good.

  • Relax bitches! its just gossip dont need a history lesson. maybe she meant there is a diff between racism and discrimination. Give it up if you all dont agree. Nobody is going to enlighten each other just have a bitchfest over not fun gossip.

  • This isnt even so much a race issue!! A white girl can grow up in the hood live it understand it and be about it but thats not the problem!!!!
    The problem is hip hop artists take their art serious and iggy is none of the descibed above. plain n simple

  • This isnt even so much a race issue!! A white girl can grow up in the hood live it understand it and be about it and be respected by the diff races in her circle so thats not the problem!!
    The problem is hip hop artists take their art serious- it has roots- a code of honor to live by– and iggy is not the white girl descrbed above plain n simple.