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Iggy Azalea seriously needs to shut up

iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea can’t seem to go very long without flapping her gums about some bullshit she should really stay quiet about. Her latest nonsense comes courtesy of a Power 106 interview in which so much fuckery spills out of her mouth, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll just provide the highlights.

On how she has been “unfairly accused” of appropriating culture, but not Eminem:
“I found it to be kind of ironic. It was because I’m white, therefore I’m appropriating culture. But then Eminem won it – who’s white and won it many times – and they didn’t seem to say anything about that.”

Iggy claims her anti-Asian, anti-black, anti-Mexican tweets are photoshopped & fake:
“Having to deal with people photoshopping things that I say, and then other people really thinking that they’re true. Like ‘n-word this’ or ‘I hate every race’. Tweet about me hating asian people, black people – I hate everyone, apparently. That annoyed me. Nobody wants to be called a racist…Nobody wants to feel like they’re Hitler. That was weak. That was lame.”

On her haters:
“You just want an excuse to hate me. Don’t try to say that I’m a racist! …If I did have a penis, I’d stick it at the back of your throat.”

On how she would have rejected the Grammy if she won:
“I did not want to win that award. My speech would have been like, ‘Fuck this! I don’t want it! Take it! Get away from me!’. I’m glad I didn’t win because people already hate me enough. I do not need to be hated any more.”

Yeah, OKAY. I’m so sure Iggy Azalea would have refused the Grammy award. HAHAHAHA!! That’s rich. Also rich? The fact that she doesn’t get that Eminem doesn’t get as much shit as her because he actually RESPECTS the culture he’s part of (and, you know, he’s talented, but that’s neither here nor there). Finally, I don’t really need an excuse to hate Iggy. She makes it too easy all on her own.

If you have a high tolerance for bullshit, you can watch the whole interview here:

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  • I thought this was a good interview, makes me like her even more. You need to do some yoga or something to calm the hell down. It’s not that deep.

  • I think its funny that a guy on ESPN is calling her out because her b\f plays for them, said something about him and then said she ruined hip hop.

  • I don’t really follow her music or any of her interviews so i dont really know her. Im confused, why does it seem like a lot of people (or maybe just the author? I really have no clue) hates her?

    • Hasn’t anyone explained to her? She seems VERY immature in her way of thinking, How old is she? She’s either really dumb or hasn’t grown enough to read people. She should be trying to understand American culture and perspectives and then maybe she’ll get a clue as to why people don’t like her.

      Eminem was not only truly talented but had a story that tugged on peoples heartstrings. He lived in the most dangerous city in the country (Yes it was voted #1 many years) with a drug addict mom and some siblings in a trailer. He was poor, had a crappy job, got beat up and rejected alot and was a single dad too.He never tried to play the hard gangster. Instead he was self declared white trash and a proud psycho. No one had ever played that angle before and people saw it as fresh and genuine. He lived the American Dream and even then he had struggles that ordinary people can relate to. It wasn’t just the music- his whole background and image checked out okay with fans.
      Americans have sooooo many options in entertainment that they really expect the whole package to be what they want if you want their money and attention. We are spoiled, easily bored and want people we can admire or aspire to.
      About Iggy, what Ive been able to find about her is that she came from a pretty middle class background, had a really flat butt several years prior to the kickstart of her career, and she moved to the United States when she was super young and seemed somewhat a groupie to famous black rappers/ppl in the music business.
      Oh, and her talking voice couldn’t be any more “whiter” and her music voice like a black woman from the South. Americans don’t like “posers”
      Funny thing is alot of famous people who made it started out the same way and were probably skanks and passed around a lot but there was no TMZ or facebook or all the other internet sites that spill beans all over the world in a few seconds.