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Kate McKinnon’s Iggy Azalea impersonation is pretty amazing

kate mckinnon iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea makes it so easy to make fun of her – or perhaps, as the Aussies would say, to “take the piss” out of her. She’s an absolute mess from start to finish, seems to bask in her extreme ignorance and literally offers nothing to the world of hip hop – or music at large. What should we do about that? Well, since we can’t seem to get rid of her just yet, I suppose Kate McKinnon should immortalize Iggy and her feud with Azealia Banks on Saturday Night Live!

I mean, look, it wasn’t “LOL” funny, but it was a humourous observation, particularly because it gets at the truth of what a mess Iggy is. The Azealia bit wasn’t all that necessary, but eh, they can’t all be winners. The bottom line is, Kate McKinnon is great and Iggy Azalea is the worst. Also, SNL is SO bad these days, and not even Kate McKinnon can save it.

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