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B.B. King’s Daughters Believe He Was Poisoned By Assistants

bb king

We didn’t report on B.B. King‘s death earlier this month, but needless to say, the loss of the legendary blues musician at 89 years old was incredibly sad. But now it might be even sadder than we initially thought, because while 89 is a completely reasonable age for someone to pass from natural causes, King’s daughters don’t believe that’s what happened at all, In fact, they believe their father was poisoned by his close aides.

From BBC News:

Karen Williams and Patty King said the musician was given “foreign substances to induce his premature death” by his business manager Laverne Toney.

Lawyers for King’s estate said the claims are unfounded and disrespectful.

Nevada’s Clark County Coroner said it would investigate with the Las Vegas Police Department’s homicide division.

“At this point, we don’t have evidence that these allegations of foul play will be substantiated,” Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said.

“However, we are taking them very seriously and will be conducting a thorough investigation.

“We are co-ordinating our investigative efforts with the homicide division of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. I expect the investigation will take a minimum of six to eight weeks.”

However a statement from the Las Vegas Police Department said: “Until such time as the Clark County Coroner determines Mr King’s death to be from other than natural causes, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is not moving forward with any investigation.”

One of the assistants – who just so happens to be the executor of B.B.’s will – calls these claims “ridiculous”, but his family insists that these aides had sequestered B.B. from them in the later years of his life.

It’s so sad, either way, but if indeed there was something criminal here, these people need to be brought to justice.

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Keira Knightley Gives Birth To Her First Child

keira knightley james righton

We only found out right before Christmas that Keira Knightley was pregnant with her first child with husband James Righton, and since then, she’s kept a pretty low profile. That’s why, even though I’m pleased to report to you that Keira has now given birth and the pair have a healthy new baby, that’s just about all I can tell you.

US Weekly confirmed that Keira had the baby, but no one knows the gender, when the baby was born, what the name is, etc. And really, why should we? I mean, I’m sure we will eventually since privacy is not the name of the celebrity game, but I suppose fans will have to be content for now knowing that Keira and James are parents now.


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Are Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama Getting Married Or What?

demi lovato wilmer valderrama

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have been back together for a long time now, and they’re totally adorable and in love (or sickening and gross, if you’re not into the whole romance thing). Engagement rumours have been making the rounds for several months, and while they haven’t confirmed anything, both of them feel the need to splash their love all over social media whenever they can.

Get your barf bags ready!

Oh God, GET A ROOM, you two!

In all seriousness, I think Demi’s really sweet and don’t know much about Wilmer either way, but he hasn’t done anything too obnoxious, to my knowledge, so these two are fine by me.

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The Rock Sets World Record For Most Selfies Taken In 3 Minutes

the rock

Ugh, y’all know I love The Rock and think he’s the ultimate sweetheart (in a completely nonsexual way), so I love being able to post stories about him, since they’re always so positive and uplifting, even when they’re silly, like this one. Dwayne wanted to set the world record for most selfies taken in 3 minutes, so he embarked on the challenge while on the red carpet at the London premiere of San Andreas, which I would actually totally see.

The Guinness Book of World Records was on hand to hand him his award, and whole thing was captured – and posting to Dwayne’s Instagram to celebrate!

To be fair, I feel like this can’t possibly be the first record he’s broken. What about the record for the most cod eaten in a day? Is that a thing? Because it should be. Also, I have to ask: why do people insist on carrying their iPhones around without cases? Seeing it raises my blood pressure every time. Maybe people just aren’t as clumsy as me, but I swear I would have smashed my phone to pieces if it weren’t for my case (which is a Speck case, for the curious).

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Is Christina Aguilera Getting Fired From ‘The Voice’?

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera is one of the original judge’s on NBC’s WILDLY (and inexplicably) popular shows, The Voice. You know the drill: people who are pre-screened sing to blind judges, who, if they like what they hear, push their button and spin their chair around. Then at the end of it all, someone is crowned the winner and they fade off into obscurity forevermore. Christina has been on and off the show since the beginning, taking a few seasons off here and there to pursue personal projects, but now that she’s back, it seems like the staff isn’t all that happy about it and they want her gone.

“No one wants Christina to come back as a judge on season nine of The Voice,” the network insider tells Radar exclusively.

As Radar previously reported, the 34-year-old “Fighter” singer angered production staff in the beginning of the season with her antics, which included being late to set and constantly fighting with the other judges, particularly Adam Levine.

Now that Season Eight is wrapped and a winner has been declared, the source says that Aguilera’s behavior did not improve over the weeks of competition.

“She was really difficult to work with this season. Tensions between her and Adam were consistent, but she also just had a really bad attitude,” says the source.

“She showed up late a lot, took forever for hair and makeup and was just very demanding.”

Apparently the crew wants Gwen Stefani or Shakira back because they were “a lot easier to work with”, which is actually kinda surprising, at least when it comes to Gwen, who strikes me as a MASSIVE diva (though a flawless one, obviously). Huh. Surprises around every corner.

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Here’s Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Awkward Wedding Dance

kim kardashian kanye west

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West actually made it through one year of marriage! They celebrated their anniversary yesterday – an occasion that was apparently marked with a vow renewal ceremony at the Eiffel Tower, which Kanye rented out. But it was also celebrated with Kris Jenner’s posting of Kimye’s awkward as shit first dance after becoming married back in 2014. It’s… something else.

Frankly, it’s not actually much of a dance at all, but hey, what are you gonna do? Kim did her little sway in place thing, Kanye… was doing something. I don’t know, I’ve just seen better when it comes to wedding dances. But hey, they look happy – and they made it this far! That’s worth celebrating, right?

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Nick Loeb Is Allowed To Sue Sofia Vergara For Her Embryos

Sofia Vergara, Nick Loeb

In what’s likely the most ridiculous news I’ve heard this week (Josh Duggar excluded, of course), apparently some judge has ruled that Nick Loeb, ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara, has ruled that he has the right to sue her over those frozen embryos that he wants to turn into babies against her wishes – oh, and against the contract HE SIGNED HIMSELF. What the fuck?

From Entertainment Tonight:

Vergara’s ex was granted permission today to file an amended lawsuit allowing him to seek custody of the two female embryos that were created from his sperm and Vergara’s eggs while they were still in a relationship.

The revised complaint is the first time Loeb is seeking custody, and the paperwork includes a new claim that Vergara, 42, breached an oral agreement to create the embryos and bring them to term via a surrogate. “He does believe they are his daughters,” Loeb’s lawyer Christina Goodrich explained on Tuesday.

Today, Vergara’s lawyer Fred Silberberg told the Santa Monica, Calif., court that Goodrich took too long to file this argument. “[The] plaintiff is using this lawsuit to continue to attack [Vergara] in the press and continue to have his own visibility in the press,” he said.

As Vergara and Loeb signed a consent form that required they both have to agree before anything can be done with the embryos, Silberberg added, “There is no legal issue.”

I really need this asshole to get a grip on reality. Nick Loeb isn’t fighting so hard to save these frozen embryos because he’s desperate to be a father. If that was the case, he could go out and adopt or get another woman pregnant immediately. He’s doing this because he’s bitter that he’s lost her and that she’s moved on, and this is his way of trying to make her life a living hell. Way to go, dude. You win the grand prize in pathetic behaviour for today.

Oh, and you KNOW he’s also the type of douchebag to – if in some universe he got his own way, which he won’t – Loeb would be trying to hit her up for child support.

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