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Terror at Miranda Kerr’s House

miranda kerr

No, Miranda Kerr hasn’t had another billionaire brawl between her many billionaire boyfriends at her house. She’s a one billionaire woman now, because she found the right billionaire after going through a few since her divorce.

This terror at her house wasn’t Orlando Bloom coming home to fight for his ex-wife to renew their vows.

It wasn’t Bieber showing up to apologize for getting her fired from Victoria’s Secret after they were rumored to have had sex.

It was worse, ok, maybe not worse, but her security guard saw someone climbing her fence, when he approached the man, he got stabbed in the eye and ended up shooting the intruder in the head.

Miranda Kerr wasn’t at home, she was probably out spending her billionaire boyfriend’s money on all the fine things in life…or maybe she was working, she does that once a year or so….

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